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Note: Everyone should document their thoughts, ideas and opinions, but think before making them public.

Increasing the Quality and Quantity of Education

Blog Created on 8.20.2009 -
Updated Continually Ever Since..but not much lately as of 2017.

In retrospect, the one thing that I noticed when growing up in the 60's was just how little information there actually was. And the information that was available, was hard to find. I didn't realize at first, but adults always seemed strange to me. Here I am, a child ready to be educated, but for some strange reason all the adults were not educated. It was way beyond thinking that they were just preoccupied, it was more like they all had lobotomies. And even the teachers were the same way, and they were supposed to be the educated ones. So how can this be. I am in America, a country filled with technological advances. Did Americans some how forget about Education? Did they not yet realize how extremely important education was? Or was it simply that they have not yet realized how much education needed improving? What ever the reason or reasons were, I was always asking myself, “where’s all the information and knowledge?” I go to school but one of the most important things that I learned is how little they actually teach you. And my parents, who were also subjected to this same education, were also not capable of answering all the questions that a child needs answering when growing up. So where does this necessary knowledge come from? I knew a lot of information was out there on some bookshelves, but where? The Library was useful but there was not enough direction or clear path to the information that you were looking for, or did they have all the books in the world in one place. And even then with so many books for one subject, it was hard to tell which books to read. I always thought that with TV, being such an amazing tool, would someday provide enormous amount of useful information, but some how entertainment and manipulation of the truth invaded almost every channel. So even TV did not live up to its true potential. So after high school and years of working all kinds of jobs, I sadly turned into one of those lobotomized adults that I use to see when I was a child. But that all started to change in August 2007. I canceled my cable TV service. And in two years time I started to realize that the TV world and the lack of a quality education had put me in a comma. I was being sedated from reality and I didn’t even know it. It was like the Movie ‘The Matrix' where the cable was pulled out from behind my skull and I finally woke up from a distorted reality. This is part of the mass delusion that has been demoralizing Americans for years. But it just wasn’t being unplugged from the TV that did it. Because I know people who never watch TV but are still ignorant. So you have to replace the TV with more reading. But you have to read the right books at the right time in your life. I also started watching more Documentaries, that for some reason were never broadcasted on TV. I also got my news from the Internet where I was in more control of what news I wanted and when I wanted it. I was also able to get more News from More Sources, which gives you a better chance of knowing the truth without being bombarded with ignorant opinions. But it’s not that simple as it sounds. You have to know how to Filter Information, which takes knowledge, experience and skill. I learned that the more people you hear speak, who are honest, caring and educated, the more knowledge and understanding you will acquire. This is why I love to watch Documentaries and love reading material that is written by knowledgeable people. Humans are incredibly lucky to have the Internet. Finally we have a chance to get some questions answered. But I immediately realized that Organizing the Internet would need to be done first in order for it to be more efficient and effective. So I started Basic Knowledge were I have begun to collect websites, books, information and ideas. I will continue to update this on going project and also figure out, with the help from others, what would be the best way to increase the Quality and Quantity of Education that is so desperately needed.

If I don't devote at least some of my time to improving education, everything else that I do will not matter.

Education Reform

Remember that the Internet is one of the most important technologies that we have and our greatest hope for positive change. So please help Protect the Internet from corrupt interference and control by staying informed and educated about possible restrictions and legislation that could have a negative effect on how we use information and knowledge to educate people. We have witnessed what happened to TV, Radio and Newspapers when corporations took control. This is literally our window of opportunity and possibly our last chance to make things right. 

The Perfect Education

Friday, November 30, 2012

Did you ever wonder what the perfect education would be? Well I did. And let me tell you, just trying to answer that question has changed my life forever. But the sad part is that mostly every person on this planet has no idea what a good education should be. I sure didn't, until now of course. It all changed in 2008 when I started to ask that question "What would be the perfect education?" So as of 2013 I will have done over four years of research on this question. And I still find it almost impossible to explain to people exactly what I have discovered, even when I have posted on my website all the information and knowledge that I have accumulated during my research. But people’s lack of knowledge of course is totally understandable considering I'm working on something that is so advanced that it would be almost impossible for anyone to understand. So in order for me to properly explain my findings, I will have to simplify the information, just like if you were trying to educate a baby. You first have to start off with the really easy to understand stuff, and then as a person begins to understand and comprehend the knowledge you can then work your way up to the more complex and complicated information.

So what if someone handed you the perfect education? An education that you could take home and start learning, or an education that you can take home to educate your child? That would be perfect. Not to say that it's a guarantee, or that it will be without any problems. But if you never start doing intelligent things you could never say that you tried your best, because you don't know what 'Best' is yet. If we are in the pursuit of logic, and you are trying to be as intelligent as possible, then you can say you did your best.

When a person is given the perfect education then they will be more intelligent then any other person alive today, because that is what a perfect education does, if not, then it's not a perfect education.

Perfect Education meaning: The best education that we have so far, which is based on our current knowledge and information that has been acquired up to this date. Perfection is more of a desired goal, not necessarily a reality.

Pink Floyd's just another brick in the wall is still true today because we still have the same ineffective education, but not for long. When we finally define the perfect education and then design it and create it, we will ultimately fix almost every problem humans are faced with today on this planet. That includes problems in our future. Because that's what a perfect education does, it prepares you for life and prepares you for the dangers that exist in this world today and tomorrow. Especially the natural disasters that destroy civilizations and make species go extinct. That is why a good education is so important. Education must include survival knowledge as well as communication skills, calculation skills and analyzing skills.

Today’s education is so incomplete that it pretty much molds a person into being a mindless slave. And the worst part is that people are not even aware of their ignorance, and that they actually believe that they are educated, so they never question it. And when that happens people will never become aware of their true potential, a potential that happens to be incredibly enormous.

If you want a problem fixed, sometimes you have to fix it yourself. Not to say that you have to do it all on your own without any outside help from multiple sources, or without using multiple tools. It's just that when things have to be fixed, you can't expect someone else to fix it, because it may never be fixed. And don't worry about how big the problem is, because all problems start out big.

So improving education is just the most logical step to take. If you are problem solving, you have to fix the cause of the problem or the problem will never go away or be fixed. This is why people still get cancer and die from cancer, because people are not going after the causes of cancer, they are just treating the cancer. And one of the causes of cancer is the lack of information that is available to the public, information that can be easily added to education. So if you fix education you will eventually fix cancer, and all the other problems that are caused by an ineffective education. So you see, an ineffective education is a cancer, and it kills millions of people every year and keeps millions of people in poverty. And this proof has been documented and witnessed. So there is no saying that a good education is not beneficial, because it is, and that is what we call a fact.

So now you're learning. Welcome to the Brave New World of Knowledge. The Information Age is here.

So Here We Go.................

The Virtual Revolution Episode 1 Part 1 (youtube) A great film about the birth of the Internet and its Potential. British television documentary series presented by Aleks Krotoski examines the idea of the World Wide Web as a "great leveller", and how this has shaped the development of the web.

Another great documentary is about the birth of the computer, which gave birth to the Internet.
The Machine that Changed the World (youtube)
Clay Shirky: How the Internet will (one day) Transform Government (youtube)
John Graham Cumming: The Greatest Machine that Never Was (video)
Kevin Kelly: The Next 5000 Days of the Web (video)
Demo presented by DR. Douglas Engelbart (Dec. 9th, 1968)  Stanford Research Institute Menlo Park, California (youtube)

More Computer Documentaries

Internet Collaborations - Technology Tools

Having access to more information does not necessarily mean that people will be more educated. Increased communication between people also does not mean that people will be more educated. The potential of the Internet will be defined by how we use all our knowledge and information to help educate people. The Internet gives us the means, so now all we need to do is make it work in a way that all people can educate themselves with out all the distractions and clutter. When we finally have a consensus on the Definition and Purpose of Education, we will finally understand our true potential. This will be the ultimate paradigm shift.

The Printed Word

Of course most of our advances would have never happened if not for the printing press and the written word, which gave way to the first wave of shared knowledge and information that this world has ever experienced. 

Language first evolved around 50,000–150,000 years ago, which is around the time when modern Homo sapiens evolved.

Written Language is the representation of a spoken or gestural language by means of a writing system. Writing started over 5,000 years ago.

History of Writing is the development of expressing language by letters or other marks.

1362 - English Language starts to be used in law and in courtrooms where Latin was the norm for years.
1380 - John Wycliffe wrote the English translation of the Bible from Latin.
1435 - Printing Press was invented. 1500's.

Papyrus is a thick type of paper made from the pith of the papyrus plant. Papyrus was first manufactured in Egypt as far back as the fourth millennium BCE. Book Types.

Writing System is any conventional method of visually representing verbal communication. While both writing and speech are useful in conveying messages, writing differs in also being a reliable form of information storage and transfer.

Before the Printing Press. Before the invention of the printing press, books were individually made. Many books were written by hand and illustrated by hand, which made each copy unique. Books were transcribed by hand and only wealthy people could afford to have their work published. Before the invention of printing, the number of manuscript books in Europe could be counted in thousands. By 1500, after only 50 years of printing, there were more than 9 million books.

Manuscript is any document written by hand. Manuscript has its origins in the Latin term manu scriptus, which means “written by hand.” At the time, all novel manuscripts or other written works were handwritten. Today, a manuscript refers to a preliminary draft of a novel, short story, or nonfiction book.

Scribes copied each word by hand from an existing book, and artists decorated important letters. A scribe is a person who serves as a professional copyist, especially one who made copies of manuscripts before the invention of automatic printing.

Copyist is a person who makes copies. The term is sometimes used for artists who make copies of other artists' paintings. However, the modern use of the term is almost entirely confined to music copyists, who are employed by the music industry to produce neat copies from a composer or arranger's manuscript.

Copy is a thing made to be similar or identical to another thing. to make a similar or identical version of something, or to reproduce. To imitate the style or behavior of something. A single specimen of a particular book, record, or other publication or issue. Copying is the duplication of information or an artifact based on an instance of that information or artifact, and not using the process that originally generated it. DNA - Cells.

Transcribe is to put thoughts, speech, or data into written or printed form. To transliterate foreign characters or write or type out shorthand, notes, or other abbreviated forms into ordinary characters or full sentences. Transliterate is to write or print a letter or word using the closest corresponding letters of a different alphabet or script. Transliteration is a type of conversion of a text from one script to another that involves swapping letters in predictable ways.

Dictation is the action of saying words aloud to be typed, written down, or recorded on tape.

Dictated But Not Read is a phrase used at the end of a text to warn that the written material has not been personally written or verified by the author. The material may have been dictated to a secretary when the author had no time to proofread or edit it. This practice is more common within the medical community, though its appropriateness is still debated. The phrase is used to indicate a need for extra care in reading the document so annotated. It may be intended as a disclaimer to limit legal liability. It may be used at the end of an article to warn the reader that the written material has not been personally written by the author, who likely dictated it to a secretary, but they did not have the time to write it themselves. Very busy people may be expected to sign off their article with such notation. However, it may be regarded as disrespectful, especially when the writer is deemed not busy.

Woodblock Printing or block printing is a technique for printing text, images or patterns used widely throughout East Asia and originating in China in antiquity as a method of printing on textiles and later paper. As a method of printing on cloth, the earliest surviving examples from China date to before 220 AD. Woodblock printing existed in Tang China by the 7th century AD and remained the most common East Asian method of printing books and other texts, as well as images, until the 19th century. Ukiyo-e is the best-known type of Japanese woodblock art print. Most European uses of the technique for printing images on paper are covered by the art term woodcut, except for the block-books produced mainly in the 15th century. Wooden blocks were carved and inked to print pages.

Mimeograph is a low-cost duplicating machine that works by forcing ink through a stencil onto paper. The process is called mimeography, and a copy made by the process is a mimeograph. A mimeograph machine is often abbreviated to mimeo, and sometimes called a stencil duplicator. A mimeograph is an old-fashioned copy machine. Mimeographs were often used for making classroom copies in schools before photocopying became inexpensive in the mid- to late-twentieth century.

Duplicating Machines were the predecessors of modern document-reproduction technology. They have now been replaced by digital duplicators, scanners, laser printers and photocopiers, but for many years they were the primary means of reproducing documents for limited-run distribution. The duplicator was pioneered by Thomas Edison and David Gestetner, with Gestetner dominating the market up until the late 1990s. Like the typewriter, these machines were products of the second phase of the industrial revolution which started near the end of the 19th century (also called the Second Industrial Revolution). This second phase brought to mass markets technologies like the small electric motors and the products of industrial chemistry without which the duplicating machines would not have been economical. By bringing greatly increased quantities of paperwork to daily life, the duplicating machine and the typewriter gradually changed the forms of the office desk and transformed the nature of office work. They were often used in schools, churches, and small organizations, where revolutionarily economical copying was in demand for the production of newsletters and worksheets. Self-publishers also used these machines to produce fanzines. A few alternatives to hand copying were invented between the mid-17th century and the late 18th century, but none were widely adopted for business use.

Printing Press is a device for applying pressure to an inked surface resting upon a print medium (such as paper or cloth), thereby transferring the ink. Typically used for texts, the invention and spread of the printing press was one of the most influential events. The printing press was invented in the Holy Roman Empire by the German Johannes Gutenberg around 1440, based on existing screw presses. Movable type was an 11th-century Chinese invention, refined in Korea in 1230, before meeting conditions in Europe that would allow it to flourish—in Europe, in Gutenberg’s time.

History of Printing (wiki) - Historical Ages

Printed Matter is a term normally used to describe mechanically printed materials. Printed matter was produced by printers or publishers, such as books, magazines, booklets, brochures and other publicity materials and in some cases, newspapers. Because much of this material is mailed, it is also a category of mail and mailing systems.

Gutenberg Bible was the first major book printed using mass-produced movable type. (1450)

Screen Printing: How to screen print t-shirts at home (DIY method) | Charli Marie TV (youtube) - Blank Silkscreen, Pre-made frame, Diazo sensitizer, Water based screen, Printing ink and Clamps.

Movable Type is the system and technology of printing and typography that uses movable components to reproduce the elements of a document (usually individual letters or punctuation) usually on the medium of paper which was first invented in ancient China.

Hydraulic Telegraph is either of two different hydraulic-telegraph telecommunication systems. The earliest one was developed in 4th century BC Greece, while the other one was developed in 19th century AD Britain. The Greek system was deployed in combination with semaphoric fires, while the latter British system was operated purely by hydraulic fluid pressure.

Telecommunication Systems - Communication

Smoke Signal is one of the oldest forms of long-distance communication. Mountain Top Fire Signaling.

Semaphore Line is a system of conveying information by means of visual signals, using towers with pivoting shutters, also known as blades or paddles.

Electrical Telegraph is a telegraph that uses electrical signals, usually conveyed via dedicated telecommunication lines or radio. (1753-1816) - A telegraph cable was laid between England and France in 1850.

Telephonoscope was an early concept of videophone and television, conceptualized in the late 1870s through the 1890s.

Microform are scaled-down reproductions of documents, typically either films or paper, made for the purposes of transmission, storage, reading, and printing. Microform images are commonly reduced to about one twenty-fifth of the original document size. For special purposes, greater optical reductions may be used. All microform images may be provided as positives or negatives, more often the latter. Three formats are common: microfilm (reels), aperture cards and microfiche (flat sheets). Microcards, a format no longer produced, were similar to microfiche, but printed on cardboard rather than photographic film.

Inventions Timeline

Encyclopedia Britannica is the oldest and longest continually published English-language general print encyclopedia, first issued in 1768 and retired in 2012 in favour of its electronic versions. The first edition consisted of 100 parts, or “fascicles,” that were issued serially between 1768 and 1771 in Edinburgh, Scotland, and bound into 3 Volumes. In 1929 the 14th edition had more than 50 associate editors in London and New York who advised on their own subjects, the 24 Volumes were all published together. In 1974 the 15th edition was given a global perspective by more than 4,000 contributing authors from more than 100 countries. The new set consisted of 28 volumes in three parts serving different functions. The editorial creation of the work cost $32 million exclusive of printing costs, representing the largest single private investment in publishing history up to that time. 15th edition was printed for the last time in 2010, spanned 32 Volumes. The World Book Encyclopedia had a 20 Vol. Set in 1960.

Now we have Wikipedia (the hymn of the internet) - How the Internet Change the World.


And now thanks to computers and the internet, we now have access to more knowledge and information then ever before. We now have more words and more ways to express them then ever before. And people have only had access to the Internet in their homes since the 1990's. And in 2016, 4 Billion People Still Don't Have Internet Access, and most of the 3 billion who do have Internet Access, are not using the internet effectively or efficiently enough in order to understand themselves and the world around them. So 7 Billion people know very little. But, we have only had the internet for a little over 20 years. It took the printing press almost 500 years to have a positive impact on the world, and the internet took only a few years to start having a positive impact with only a few million people having 24/7 access in their homes. So when the other 7 billion humans have access to knowledge and information, and also learn how to use it effectively and efficiently, then the world will experience a lot more improvements in a faster time then any other time in human history. It will be like someone turning on a light switch for the human mind, a Great Awakening for the human species on a monumental scale.

The Machine That Made Us (youtube)

Knowledge Preservation

Words have the ability to shape the human mind. Words are the Machine Code of the brain where they are translated into Zero’s and Ones so that the Synapse knows when to fire and when to create more Connections and more Associations. This you must fully understand, and you must learn to control your input of words because advertisers and governments are already familiar with the power of words, and they are not interested in educating you, only manipulating you.

Media Literacy (the dangers of media control)

The Power of Words - The Word - Literacy (reading) - Language (the minds eye) - The Pen is mightier then the sword

Public Debate

Put Education on TV for everyone. We must have at least 10 channels on TV that are totally dedicated for educational use, with no commercials. A channel for each age group and a channel for each subject. There will also be an educational channel that will have education and training for the jobs most needed by society. The public has a right to share it's resources and decide how they are used. We built it, we manage it, we use it, It' s oursSharing.

Bad TV - National Educational Television (wiki)

Public Domain Network: List local government issues that are currently being addressed and the issues that are not being addressed. This way people are aware what’s needed and direct their efforts in the right direction. We all have to work as a team so the directions must be clear and understood by everyone. Time must be shared. 

Activism - Time Management

"What we got here is a Failure to Communicate" there's no reason for that.

I have been very passionate about other ventures in my life, which I still am, but Education is now my most important endeavor. I have been educating myself most of my life and will continue to do so, as most people should. It’s extremely necessary to keep educating yourself, it’s just one of those things you have to do. You also have to share knowledge and information. It just makes sense since you can’t take your wisdom with you when you die, at least not yet. The education we have today in our schools is so inadequate that it’s a total injustice to our children. A lot of the teachers I had going to the Dropout Factories in Danbury were like over paid baby sitters who had absolutely no passion to teach kids. Of course this is only my personal experience with the teachers that I had. Most were not all that bad, but they were not all that good either. Of course I could never say that for all teachers. I do not blame teachers for most teachers did the best they could with what they had. Everyone should appreciate their efforts, as I do. Most teachers were merely doing what ignorant and corrupt school administrators and politicians have asked them to do. So now I’m researching what I believe should be the new added curriculum that would help expand our children’s understanding of themselves and the world and give them the necessary life skills that they desperately need. Organizing information and knowledge into a format that can be taught in lessons will be a long and strenuous project. Two of things that I would like to teach students is How to be a Great Teacher and How to be a Great Leader, the two things this world is extremely short of. Even if a student chooses another field of study or career, knowing how to be a great teacher and a great leader will definitely benefit them no matter what they choose to be in their life. Besides, teaching is one half of learning, whether you're teaching yourself or others. If education does not teach teaching then they are only teaching you one half of the education process. So now I have to help people understand what education should be and most likely redefine it. Though my main focus will be educating children and young adults, I will still need to educate the grownups. But most adults feel that they are educated, which to me is a clear example why we need to drastically improve our education standards. It’s a serious problem when most adults do not consider themselves to be ignorant, even knowing that we are all ignorant. Why would you think that you know enough, about anything?

"I didn't drop out of school, my school dropped out on me. My school failed to teach the things that are valuable and relevant. But it was not the schools fault. Schools failed to learn because someone else failed to teach them. So of course my school failed to teach me. This cycle of ignorance needs to be stopped because it's killing us and everything else on the planet. "

Environmental Education

Thursday, August 20, 2009

When it comes to our world environment, I want to help educate people about the effects that we all have on our earth and the effects that we all have on our eco-systems that keep us alive and sustain life for millions of other species. So I created a webpage Carbon Offsets.

Lowering my Carbon Count, or human footprint, has many benefits then just lowering greenhouse Gases. I save money, I don't pollute the earth as much, I produce less waste and I'm definitely a lot healthier. These are just a few of the things that I have changed in my lifestyle.

These are not major changes or sacrifices either, It's just being little more aware and respectful to the environment and to the future generations that will hopefully enjoy this planet as much as I have. So I listed some of my eco-initiatives to make me more eco-conscious, eco-friendly and help my frugality. I also gave links to other websites to help further our understanding of the environment and also give you some ideas on how you can make a difference.

Ideas to help improve the world

Friday, August 21, 2009

So now that most of us are realizing our impact on the world and are beginning to understand what choices we can make, we now need to know who else is making progress so that we do not feel so alone on our quest for a brighter future. So I searched the Internet, and other media sources, and found that we are not alone. Yes there is intelligent life on our planet. I have now started to list all the websites that are coming up with some pretty incredible ideas on what we can do to lower our destruction to the world as well as reverse some of the damage that we have already done to our earth. I call this webpage “ Ideas to help improve the world “


I have found some incredible websites as well as some great documentary’s and books. I also included some other forums and paths that a person could look at and decide what they feel would be a good idea to investigate and get some inspiration.
Of course this is just the beginning.

"It became obvious that there were major defects in our teaching methods and that our education process was extremely flawed".....Better Late then Never.... Learning Styles and Methods.

We are gradually and finally understanding just how incredibly important knowledge and information is to a human. Education Quotes. Top of Page.

The Human Brain

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Human Brain is the most Complex Processer of Information on the Planet. Our ability to Process Information and Store Information, (PC), is what makes us Human. Information Defines us, Information Controls us, Information Teaches us. Know your Processor, understand the Software (Mind), and understand the Hardware (Body). - PDF.

Before the curriculum of “Basic Knowledge 101” is defined, I want to briefly talk about one of the courses that I feel will be one of the most important, “The Human Brain”. One of the reasons why this area of study is so important is because The Human Brain will be one of the places where “Basic Knowledge 101” will be stored. Every person would benefit from being educated on how the human brain works. A person should be familiar with knowing the brains behaviorisms, knowing about the brains development, knowing the brains weaknesses and vulnerabilities, knowing the brains chemical and physical aspects as well as knowing the brains unconscious workings and habits, so on and so on. The brain is the most important organ in our body. People are more aware of what dangerous factors could adversely affect their heart, lungs, liver and kidneys, more then what dangerous factors could adversely affect their own brain. Understanding the human brains strengths and weaknesses will help to increase a person’s self-awareness. This understanding can also aid in the development of coping skills and learning how to recognize self-defeating behaviorisms and phobias. This will help individuals manage stresses and difficult moments that could other wise be over whelming, especially knowing that some form of mental illness or behavioral disorder affects a majority of people during their lifetime. Each person has control over his or her thoughts and emotions as long as each person understands how these controls work. The human brain has an enormous amount of abilities that could accomplish many things and over come many obstacles. But these abilities must be first understood because these abilities need discipline in order to be maximized and controlled. The human brain is a complex machine, similar in some ways to a computers operating system and software. Understanding these similarities will be helpful when explaining certain brain functions. There are a lot of factors and influences that can affect the human brains performance: A persons diet, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, emotions, drugs and a person’s environment, to name a few. Having a great memory is important, but knowing what to remember is even more important. So this course of study will be called “The Human Brain”. The course will also include some basic psychology, creativity, personality, phobias, logic, analyzing, decision-making, organization skills, goals, discipline, memory improvement skills, and some basic Neuroscience. “The Human Brain” will be one of several sections of study that will eventually make up the total curriculum of “Basic Knowledge 101”. A student will learn about the human brain in easy to understand lessons, starting around the age of 1, which will increase in complexity, as the student grows older. Since we start teaching children before they even enter school, it’s extremely important that every parent and teacher learns about how the human brain develops and how the human brain functions, especially when we’re talking about Child Development. Before a child can be taught to understand his or her own brain and the brains of others, all parents and teachers will be the caretakers and be responsible for the proper development of every child’s most prized possession “The Human Brain”. Top of Page

Child Development

Wednesday, September 2, 2009 - Basic Knowledge 101 - Child Development

The Beginning - Even before your child opens their eyes or hears a sound, they have begun to learn and their brain is beginning to develop and understand. This happens so gradually for the first few years that most parents are unaware of all the influences that are affecting their child’s development, of course the child is also unaware of all the influences that are affecting their development. This is why the parent’s knowledge on child development is so critically important. Every teacher should also have extensive knowledge on child development. This will help teachers have a more complete understanding of their responsibility when it comes to education. 

Child Development (wikipedia)

The first 10 years of a person’s life are the most critical. The early brain is the easiest to shape and form, but early brain is also the most fragile. After the age of 10, the next 10 years till the age of 20, are a person’s next most important years of development, especially with all the changes a young adult goes through, like hormones, brain chemistry, physical changes, self realization and all the over whelming responsibilities and emotions that a person has to deal with and find ways to understand. A person should never be alone with trying to figure it all out. This information and support should be available to everyone on the planet. This is one of the reasons for Basic Knowledge 101.

Everyone has to pay strict attention to what a child’s sees and how a child perceives. Visual and physical experiences alone are not enough to impart knowledge. It helps to explain to a child what you saw and ask the child’s opinion of what they saw as well. This should also be done with movies, TV, plays, public displays and other visual experiences. If a parent or person is not sure what to say to a child then this is a good time for that parent or person to seek help and get advice.

There is a great deal of information and knowledge to obtain when it comes to educating oneself on child development. Some information is old and outdated with some information actually being inaccurate and even flawed. So I encourage everyone to always get a second and third opinion. As I go through all the information and knowledge about child development I will try to get the best and most pertinent information that I can find. In the mean time I have found some good websites as well as some books on child development to get us all started.

The human form is a perfect combination of mind and body that gives humans more freedoms and more choices then any other animal on the planet. These abilities also give humans many different ways of interacting with the environment and experiencing numerous emotions and feelings like no other animal species. But humans have one major vulnerability. Education and knowledge is not a genetic trait that is passed on to newborns. Our most important information and knowledge, of the world and of ourselves, needs to be manually inputted into the brain by using our eyes, ears, taste, smell and touch. Humans are a brain-based species. Everything needs to be learned from beginning to end in order for any human to react with the world in a positive and sustainable way while at the same time avoid suffering and avoid causing the suffering of other humans and other species. Though Humans are born with instincts and automatic physical functions, like our animal and plant counterparts, we still need to acquire knowledge and information so that we may flourish and not suffer from our own ignorance, which is the cause of 90% of all our problems. Almost every Human failure is attributed to his or her lack of information.  More...

Child Development Information Websites and Books

Our children are not just our future, but they are also the planets future and the future of all life forms that live on this planet. This is everyone’s responsibility. So it is time to show our children that we care and that we will do everything that we can to give them a world worth living for. This is my pledge and I hope that this will be the pledge of everyone someday soon.

The Human Promise Manifesto - Top of Page

Basic Knowledge 101

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Reading and Writing  are two of the most important skills that any human can have. But sadly these two skills are the most undervalued, most unappreciated and the most neglected skills in our world today.

Stats from Pro-Literacy. Of course extent of the problems that are related to illiteracy goes so much deeper.

774 million people in the world are illiterate and two thirds are women.
Low health literacy cost the U.S. 238 billion per year.
About 30 million people, 14 percent of the US population 16 and older, have trouble with basic reading and writing.
18 million adults don’t read well enough to earn a living wage.
63% of prison inmates can’t read.

All our freedoms, all of our rights, our religious beliefs, our knowledge, our abilities to communicate, all the laws that help protect us, even our self expression is a result of people knowing how to read and write. These two skills are so much apart of our growth and our evolution that our future and our existence literally depend on these two skills. The Constitution of the United States of America is a prime example of what reading and writing can do. The Constitution was an incredible advancement as well as a huge influence for many writers and leaders who made positive changes in our world because of this document. Writing passes on knowledge and reminds us of our history, so it should never be taken for granted.

The art of communicating thoughts to the mind, through the eye is the great invention of the world. (Abraham Lincoln)

More Writing Quotes

Reading and writing both have inherent responsibilities. So it is not just about perfecting these two skills, it is more about what theses two skills can do when they are learned. From educating a human, too making positive changes in our world, these two skills alone have transformed the human race into what it is today. And when these two skills are not properly taught to our children, the immediate result of this tragedy is a world full of problems and ignorance that is destroying the fabric of life. But even if these two skills are learned there are still many dangers because there are humans who exploit these skills to manipulate the truth that can cause confusion and destruction. So all readers must beware of these threats to help protect themselves and others.

“The person who does not read the right books has no advantage over a person who can't read at all"

But knowing what to read and why you should read something is extremely important. So recommending books is essential, but you have to explain why certain books are recommended. Then you have to remind the reader that reading is only one third of the task. After you read something you must discuss what you have read to help fully understand and comprehend the knowledge that you have acquired. A person must make sure their interpretation is accurate. Then a person must write. Sharing our thoughts is essential to learning and teaching. Even if your thoughts change over time, you will never completely learn why your thoughts have changed if you never write your thoughts down from the beginning. Some truths are just personal interpretations based on that person’s current knowledge and how they understand it. So a person should never be alarmed when what they thought was true is not really true at all. Sometimes it’s just how a person formulates the information that they were given that made them believe what was true. These are mistakes that every human makes.

Inspiration through Demonstration

Teaching through Demonstration

It is not enough to say to children that reading is fun, though there is reading that is very entertaining. Reading is more then a privilege and more then a pathway to more education. Reading can give everyone a greater understanding of our world and each other. We must emphasized the importance of reading and writing and communicate the true value of these two skills to all students. Inspiration through demonstration, explaining the numerous advantages of reading and writing and all the different ways that it can be used. Inspiration through Demonstration should be used in every subject.

Reading and Writing is essential no matter what school a person attends, pre-school, nursery school, elementary school, compulsory school, secondary school, preparatory school, private school, religious school, technical school, vocational school, training school, home school, e-learning, online school, magnet school, primary school, community college, junior college, private college, 2 or 4 year college, university or any other school of thought. One thing is obvious though, we need more teachers and we need them to be qualified. But we can’t afford to wait for schools to start improving and to start providing access to good education for all children. We have to start creating more ways to provide a good education to everyone, no matter what a student’s situation is or where a student lives. Education is the responsibility of everyone and so we should do everything that we can to provide all that we have in the way of knowledge and skills to every person who needs it. Education is every child’s right. So every one should always have access to the world’s most brilliant minds and have all the educational tools that are available in order for them to fulfill all of their aspirations. So no matter what path a child takes in their life they should always have with them a well-balanced set of skills, knowledge and awareness and be trained in the art of thinking. A students questions or concerns should never go unanswered. The knowledge that a student seeks should never come at a price that discourages them or puts unfair strain on any person. Education is the right of everyone and not just for the ones who can afford it.

My computer and software, like Microsoft Word and WordWeb Dictionary, are most important tools besides the Internet. Without these tools writing for me would be a bit of a struggle. So I suggest to everyone to acquire any tools they feel necessary that would help them improve their reading and writing skills and also keep them motivated. I really think that the new PC’s being created today, like the Convertible Classmate PCs, are great for students.

Classmate PC and Laptop

And when more textbooks become digitized for downloading and reading, and more documentaries and educational films become available in mpeg4 compression, so that more of them can fit in a PC, all students will have great access to some of the worlds greatest knowledge. A Laptop Loaded with Educational Curriculum, life skills and mpeg4 video, along with a portable solar charger and an extra battery could provide education to everyone no matter where they live. Children should not have to risk their lives going to school or not have access to education because there are no schools on their area. Any parent or person who possesses this type of laptop can no doubt help with teaching other students as well as themselves.

Reading and writing websites and Books

When it comes to the issue of reading and writing deficiencies, of course just informing people is not enough. Just like some documentaries, it simply is not enough to just inform people of the injustices and all the dilemmas that we are faced with. You have to educate people too so that people know how to take appropriate action and also know how to make the right choices. Awareness and knowledge are two different things. Making people aware of certain problems is not as affective as teaching people how to fix certain problems.

Knowing how to read and write is the first step, knowing how to formulate all you have read into logic and insightful awareness is the next of many steps that you will take. Your quest for knowledge and understanding has no limits, just temporary obstacles. Top of Page

Filtering, Assimilating and Formulating

Friday, November 6, 2009

Filtering, assimilating and formulating the enormous amount of information and knowledge that there is in the world is a huge undertaking. But it is absolutely necessary in order to properly create and perfect the core knowledge that will eventually be ‘Basic Knowledge 101’. This formulation of information is also necessary if I’m going to evolve into the person that I want to become and also to be a great teacher, a great leader and continue to be an honest and caring person. I have come a long way and know that my journey is far from over. I have many obstacles and many responsibilities that will slow my progress but will in no way impede my growth. There are self-defeating mechanisms that I’m learning to eliminate that will help free up more time and limit the amount of hindrances that I have to contend with in my life. And of course I will share all my breakthroughs and enlightenments that have helped me to evolve. Who would have thought that after all the adventures that I have experienced in my life that one of my greatest and most important adventures would be the exploration & education of my own mind.

Basic Knowledge 101 will be a system, a reminder, a logic filter, a conscience, a reality check, a home base that keeps you grounded to your values and your goals. A memory that is disciplined and also understands its strengths and weaknesses, a common ground, an awareness of oneself and an awareness of the world that surrounds us. Basic Knowledge 101 will be similar to a computer operating system. This operating system is not perfect for no human will ever be perfect. This operating system is upgradeable, it is expandable and self controllable.

This in no way means a boring or an overly structured life. Humans need freedom to be creative, freedom to explore their abilities and freedom to explore their world. Humans need joys, celebrations and spontaneity. But humans also need balance and a clear understanding of their responsibilities to themselves, their responsibilities to others and their responsibilities to the world.

I’m quite aware that I will not accomplish all my goals in my lifetime, but I am also aware that I am not the only lifetime. If history has taught us one thing, it is, without history and the knowledge of the past we will never be able to learn from our mistakes, or learn about our vulnerabilities or even learn how to evolve and improve our well-being.

As my Blog becomes a Book, I look back and remember how my Book inspired my Blog

The Pen is mightier then the Sword

2010, the year of the Pen - Saturday, January 9, 2010

As the saying goes… “The Pen is mightier than the Sword” - Youtube Video Spoof

When people can't use language to communicate effectively and efficiently, then a persons ignorance could make them communicate physically instead of communicating mentally. They may resort to physical violence then try to talk and use words, like most humans do. Language ignorance could cause people to express more animal like behaviors than human behaviors. This is one of the reasons why young people can be more violent, which is mostly because they did not have access to a good education that would give them the ability to be more of a communicator instead of being more of an instigator.

But sadly, some of us still have to carry a sword. If you do carry a Weapon, just don’t let the weapon carry you. For those of you who do not understand what that means, I will try to explain. Carrying a weapon sometimes gives you a false sense of security and also sometimes causes you to be more aggressive then you would normally be. This mental vulnerability is usually the main reason why most people who have weapons are the ones who are most likely to die from weapons. "Live by the sword, die by the sword". Even if you do have a weapon, you must fully understand that your greatest weapon will always be your mind. So being the master of your greatest weapon, the Human Brain, will always benefit you no matter what. One of the most significant tools that the human brain has ever created is the Pen. The pen has made more advances for the human race then any other tool. But the pen, like the Sword, has dangers and vulnerabilities within its power. The pen too can give a false sense of security, making you believe that you’ve done enough. The pen, like the sword, can also be used against you. You cannot have an offence without a defense, and sometimes the best offence is a good defense. The Pen is mightier then the Sword but only if the Pen is used correctly. Having more writing and less fighting will ultimately save us, but only if the writers can fully eliminate the swords from their minds. Humans should no longer feel the need to raise the sword; Humans should only feel the need to raise awareness. Armies of the future will be protestors, because there is no weapon on earth more powerful then a popular majority. Fighting will never be morally justified, fighting could only be sadly unavoidable and nothing more.  

If you live by the sword, you can die by the sword, if you live by propaganda, you could die from propaganda. Any weapon can be used against you. So the only logical weapon, is no weapon. If you use Love to solve problems, then if love is used
against you, that means just more love.

The pen can also be a sword, so be careful which words you use.

Freedom without a conscience leads to chaos.

One of the main reasons why weapons are still used today is that people cannot read what the pen has written or they have disagreed with what the pen has written. So the illiterate raises the sword and says, if only I knew how to put the ‘s’ in the word ‘sword’ at the end of the word ‘sword’ instead of the beginning (words) Then I would be raising a pen of hope instead of a sword of descent.

If there is no way out then you have to find a way in.

2010 the year of the Pen….Either write things that are worth reading or do things that are worth writing about ….…it’s time to define….

Time to Define

It’s time we start defining. We cannot make progress without defining our knowledge and direction.

Basic Knowledge 101 is not an ideology or a philosophy. Basic Knowledge 101 is just education being defined. Basic Knowledge 101 is not “Give me the child until he is seven and I will show you the man”. Basic Knowledge 101 is more about “Fully educate the child and you will eventually reveal a human”. Basic Knowledge 101 is no Secret or Tony Robbins or Dr. Phil. This goes way beyond soft power. Basic Knowledge 101 is a Collective Intelligent Consensus and everyone is a contributor. 

Mapping the Cerebral Cortex one neuron at a time is similar to deciphering the code that runs a computer operating system. You simply do not want to be running windows 95 when there is windows 7. Everyone should know how to use a computer, and one of the most important and valuable computers that everyone owns is the human brain. Humans only use 10% of their Brains is a myth. A more correct statement would be that we obviously don't use our brains to its full potential. So what would happen if humans did use their brains to their full potential? Something Wonderful.

Once the Cerebral Cortex has been mapped then we can start configuring and organizing the remaining areas of the Brain so that we can fully understand all the brain functions and abilities. Advertisers know more about the human brain then the general public does. And since advertisers are not educators, that means our brains are in the wrong hands.

Am I more of a communicator then I am a writer? Either way, writing has its advantages.

I’m an average human with average intelligence and an average memory. Through my entire life there has been one word that has stood out from all the rest, a word that most children speak throughout their life, the word “why”. It’s more then just curiosity, some people have an enthusiastic interest in knowing things and an enthusiastic interest in understanding this thing we call Life. But for many people, reaching adulthood means that the question ‘why’ seems to die. People are always improving, but they are also failing to improve. But as long as people are aware of their failures they will at least have a chance to improve.

I’m more focused on the cure then I am the treatment.

I want to cure ignorance and not just treat the disease called ignorance. Our failing education system is just trying to treat the disease called ignorance and they are failing horribly. Mostly because they don't know what they're doing. So curing this disease is our only hope.

If you don’t know enough to be a teacher, then you don’t know enough.

Whether it’s the free markets or the government, if you still have ignorant and corrupt people in power then things will never get better, at least not for the majority or the Ninety Nine Percent 99%.

The fact is, things have improved in many areas, but more people are dying and more people suffering then any other time in human history. So it is just better for some, but the some does not make a whole. There are amazing moments of intelligence that are making advancements. But most of our intelligent advancements are scattered and missing the mark. They never seem to take hold or have their importance become fully utilized. It’s time to organize and prioritize. People have to stop using knowledge and information to manipulate people just so that they can make money.

Use knowledge and information to educate people.

All the regulations in the world will not stop ignorant and corrupt people. Education is the only thing that could ever come close to truly stopping ignorant behavior.

You can take away all the guns, but that will not stop the killing.

If you want to stop the killing you have to stop raising killers.
Another example, Millions of people die every year from cigarettes, and the ones who don’t die from smoking tobacco, cost the world billions of dollars in health care costs which cause millions more to suffer, yet people still smoke and waste time doing it. But just taking away cigarettes will not stop people from using something else that will kill them or use something else that will destroy their health. If you want people to stop being ignorant, you have to educate them on how not to be ignorant. Making money from the suffering of others, or at the expense of others, is not success. Yes we all die slowly, but killing at any speed is still killing. Don’t invest for profit, invest in people & companies who are making positive changes. “Provide a Service instead of a disservice”. “Focus on Making a Difference instead of just Making money” If you can do both then you have found your passion and you have found a job that pays in two ways, which spells progress, which leads to growth. But sadly this will take time because we have turned our world into a place of mindless consumers, we have become slaves of a manufactured reality that’s filled with artificial obsessions that keeps people in the dark and addicted to an empty life that can’t even be defined.

To measure the true cost of things you have to be aware of all the contributing factors and what the end result is from each contributing factor. Because the impacts from all those contributing factors also have a price that will determine true value, and the most valuable things will not be measured by money. And just because you didn’t pay for these unknown contributing factors at that moment, that does not mean that some one else will have to pay for them, or even you eventually, because what goes around comes around. Measuring Value.

Selfishness and narrow mindedness is not an excuse, it’s just a reason why peoples ignorance is so blinding. Confidence and Awareness are two different things.

If you leave doors open then you will continue to go through them, but simply closing the door does not mean you will fully understand why that door is closed. So you have to put a sign on that door to remind yourself why that door is closed. And a closed door does not mean that the door is locked, because you are the only one who can open that door and the only one who can keep that door closed. There are other doors, but you have to look for these doors and you have to learn where these other doors are. That’s when you start to understand about your choices, choices that make you less prone to mistakes and less prone to opening doors that you know will lead you to know where, or worse, lead to disaster. The door is symbolic to the synapse’s in your brain. Bad choices, bad habits and addictions have doors. You have the power to close these doors, but more importantly, you also have the power to open new doors.

Education Options

It’s hard to be honest with yourself when you don’t know the truth.

They say people learn best by repetition, but why then do people keep making the same mistakes over and over again. So it’s not just repetition, it’s being aware and understanding what you are repeating. If you don’t fully understand that you’re repeating a mistake, you will keep making the same mistakes over and over again. But when you do realize that you are making a mistake, repeating this realization that you are making a mistake will eventually end the mistake. This is where repetition works.

Learning Styles

So if someone asks you to open that door again, like someone asking you to do something that you know is wrong, you simply tell them that that door is closed and that you now use other doors that have much more to offer and have way less risk and way less debilitating side effects.

You have to feed the brain.

Humans must learn in gradual stages. Each stage of knowledge should be taught at the appropriate time in their life based on the person’s age and educational experience. More details of understanding must be taught so that each stage of knowledge has multiple ways of explaining. Procedures will be written to document and perfect all teaching methods. This way there will be less confusion and fewer misunderstandings caused by people’s personal interpretations. Each subject in Basic Knowledge 101 will be explained why this particular subject is important, where this knowledge is used and how this particular knowledge is part of other areas of study.

Learning Stages

It’s more about increasing a person’s odds by giving more knowledge and information about the facts of reality, facts that are based on enormous amounts of data and the real life experiences that have been documented by millions of humans. The more knowledge and information a person has before making a choice or a decision the more favorable the outcome will be, or at least, they will have a significant increase in their chances in making a good choice.

We are all perfectly flawed.

Everyone has perceived imperfections. I say perceived because not all imperfections are defective. Some imperfections are actually very effective. Certain forms of attention, weather it be appreciation or praise, can be very bad for you, so understanding their intentions and worth is extremely important. Never look at things one way. When you compare one thing to another, you have to always know all the positives and the negatives of what you are comparing. If you compare two things, based on only two characteristics, then you will not fully understanding the whole picture. You cannot have an opinion base on insufficient data or have an opinion base on personal preferences or assumptions, especially knowing there are still more questions to be answered. This is one of our major problems, because people actually believe that there are no other questions to be answered, so they become delusional and that they believe that they have enough information to base an opinion or make a decision.

Make your Baton Count -  - Human Operating System - April 22, 2010 - Artificial Intelligence

Humans are Not Being Fully Educated

June 26, 2010 - Our education system has no definitive purpose or goals.

This is why Humans never become fully educated or become aware of their potential or their responsibility. If you can't realize or understand this then you are blinded by your own ignorance that you unknowingly received from a defective education system. This is why Humanity itself has no definitive purpose or goals. There is no consensus or communicative effort. This is one of the main reasons why Humans suffer from the numerous problems that we are continually plagued with.

This is why we need an Education Revolution that has definitive purpose and goals with a consensus and a communicative effort by everyone. Life without purpose or goals is what you see today. 10's of thousands dying unnecessarily everyday and 100's of millions without the basic necessities like clean water, food, shelter, education and medical access.

If Humanity itself has no definitive purpose or goals then the individual will also have no definitive purpose or goals. Even if a person believes that they have definitive purpose and goals, if they are not inline with the world’s definitive purpose and goals, then they will most likely be wasting time, resources and also at the same time not helping the world accomplish what is needed by humanity in order to progress and survive. This is why we need to define the world’s purpose and goals.

This way everyone knows and everyone has clear understanding what the world is trying to accomplish. This way we can all come together and discus what our priorities are and also agree how we will eventually accomplish them. And when we define our purpose and goals then every human will be working. There will be no unemployment. There will only be jobs waiting to be filled. If the UN and all the world leaders would just agree on this one extremely important factor, that education is our number one priority, we will make progress and positive changes that the world has never experienced in it's entire history.

Teachers have a hard time explaining why they are teaching a particular subject and what the end result is supposed to be.

The True Purpose of Education

The human form is a perfect combination of mind and body that gives humans more freedoms and choices then any other animal on the planet. These abilities also give humans many different ways of interacting with the environment and experiencing numerous emotions and feelings like no other animal species. But humans have one major vulnerability. Education and knowledge is not a genetic trait that is passed on to newborns. Our most important information and knowledge, of the world and of ourselves, needs to be manually inputted into the brain by using our eyes, ears, taste, smell and touch. Humans are a brain-based species. Everything needs to be learned from beginning to end in order for any human to react with the world in a positive and sustainable way while at the same time avoid suffering and avoid causing the suffering of other humans and species. Though Humans are born with instincts and automatic physical functions, like our animal and plant counterparts, we still need to acquire knowledge and information so that we may flourish and not suffer from our own ignorance, which is the cause of 90% of our problems.

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Wikipedia and Information Sources - The Hymn of the internet - July 23, 2010

October 3, 2010

Defining what education is supposed to be is critical. This will end a lot of the confusion and ignorance that people have. Better teachers, higher test scores and more kids going to college will not improve education or the world. Those improvements will only conceal the real problem and continue the ignorance that is decaying our world. We have to define the true purpose of education and make the necessary changes before we can even start to improve education or our world.

Having better results with something that is broken will not fix the problem because it's still broken. You are either ignoring the broken education system or you are totally blind and clueless. And knowing that 90% of humans come from a broken education system, it would be safe to say that most of us are totally clueless. 

We cannot be clueless about the single most important tool that humans have.

The question is, can a complete and thorough education protect a human from illogical abnormal and corrupt behavior? Look around you, why are so many people intentionally doing the wrong thing?

There’s ‘right’ and there’s ‘wrong’. You cannot deny the definitions of these two words. So how does an ignorant person go about redefining the meanings of right and wrong? It has to be more then just not having a conscience. It’s more about missing key information and knowledge that ultimately creates a conscience. So can a complete and thorough education give you a conscience? Yes it should, if it isn't then the education system must be broken.

A broken education system creates criminals and gives birth to greed and corruption. We have more fraud, more corruption and more people in prison then any other country in the world. Today's education is not about bestowing knowledge or wisdom, it's more about creating unconscious living, dependency and control, which is not the intent of education but only its end result. Some teachers are saying, “Gee I taught that person English, Math and Science, so what happened? Dah! You can give a person the greatest quality education money could by and they can still turn out to be a scumbag. So I guess you can say that there is something wrong with education. Dah. Are you getting it? No surprise if you’re not.

Ignorance is the worlds number one killer, and one the reasons why you don’t know this is because you’re ignorant.

Finland has the world’s highest graduation rate. Mostly because they use only highly educated people for teachers, which makes sense of course. But more students graduating does not mean that students are more educated. It just means that more students are finishing school. Being schooled and being educated are two different things.

Education is a plan. A plan you should understand.

Prisons - Punishment - Solitary Confinement - Death Penalty - Forgiveness - Mental Illness - Education for Prisoners - Films about Prisons - Justice System.


Freedom does not mean that you have the right to be stupid at other peoples expense.

Obviously having only a few people in control does not work. The perception that people need to be controlled and governed is a lie, and a very costly lie. All humans must be involved in one way or another with the responsibility of our planet and fully understand how everything and everyone has an impact. And the only way this could be done is by educating everyone. Rogue cells are not supposed to be given powers that put the entire system at risk, no life form has ever survived that way.

Patsy is another word for a politician.

"The needs of the many outweigh the wants of the few." - Nation

Political Corruption - Money - Power - Politics - Social Abuses - Leading

No one should be a Slave and no one should be a Puppet. True freedom will never be understood or achieved if our education system never teaches the necessary knowledge and skills that are needed to protect, and fully understand, what Freedom and Liberty is all about. All humans have inherited an incredible responsibility that needs our full attention and understanding. This is a small price to pay if you think about all the amazing benefits and pleasures that could come from a good life. I always thought that longevity was a Godsend because if you lived long enough you would have a greater chance to figure stuff out. But if that were to be true then all senior citizens would be geniuses. So sadly living a long life does not mean that you will eventually become wiser. The only way that human Longevity will help humanity is that we teach people to Keep Learning and teach them what to learn and why they should learn particular things. 

“Education is the best provision for the journey to old age.” (Aristotle) - More Education Quotes

Since we are on this subject…I recently read a news article that listed all the corrupt nations in the world. It’s clear that this is an epidemic and one of the main reasons why things don’t improve.

Of course America was on the list of corrupt nations. The American Government is pretty much a Crime Syndicate and the crime bosses, who are actually in charge, are working behind the scenes with their identities concealed from the public.
This makes it almost impossible to know who's making the decisions and why they are making them. 261 Members Of Congress Are Millionaires, nearly 1 In 2 Lawmakers. Our political system is not just corrupt it's also very ignorant and incompetent. 

Fascism believes that liberal democracy is obsolete, and they regard the complete mobilization of society under a totalitarian one-party state as necessary to prepare a nation for armed conflict and to respond effectively to economic difficulties. Such a state is led by a strong leader—such as a dictator and a martial government composed of the members of the governing fascist party.

Corporatism is the sociopolitical organization of a society by major interest groups, or corporate groups, such as agricultural, business, ethnic, labour, military, patronage, or scientific affiliations, on the basis of common interests. It is theoretically based on the interpretation of a community as an organic body. The term corporatism is based on the Latin root word "corpus" (plural – "corpora") meaning "body".

Political Systems

Continuity of Government is the principle of establishing defined procedures that allow a government to continue its essential operations in case of nuclear war or other catastrophic events.

Anything that can be Corrupted will be Corrupted

Our Government is almost 90% Organized Crime and just to think that they manage our country is crazy. And most Government officials will agree that there is rampant corruption in government. Our Government also has the same elements of being a Cult. The Media were supposed to be our people on the inside. They were supposed to inform us of these atrocities and let us know who was behind these criminal actions. But 90 % of the media are Accessories to the crime. A sacred trust destroyed. This is Not to say that all Journalists are corrupt because most are brave and good at what they do, its just that 90% of their bosses are criminals. 

Dysfunctional Government - Jack Abramoff: The lobbyist's Playbook (youtube)

"Most Politicians know how to talk but they never say anything. Mostly speaking empty words, just like the Media." 


"Most Politicians are just Corporate Whores."

The Young Turks: Cenk Uygur - Why is Profanity Bad?

Politicians talk a lot but they hardly never say anything important, honest or insightful. And yes you are a Liar, because if you say something that you purposely want to be Interpreted in the wrong way, then you are a liar. (Baseless Claims) And you are also a scumbag because you also waste peoples time while you're exploiting their cognitive limitations. You take the money and the benefits but you don't want to do the work that's needed. You Suck! And on top of that when you ask a politician a question you always get the Runaround Deceitful Evasive Diverting Question Dodging Pivot Bullshit. Thanks for nothing Douchebag. It seems like Politicians and the Media are the same thing. Ignorant psychopathic criminals who believe that murder is just a byproduct." And yes there is a chance that you don't know any better, after all you were subjected to our crappie education system. I apologize for these harsh words, but if there were other words more suitable that would convey the importance and seriousness of our situation then of course I would use them. The reason why politicians try to refrain from calling another politician a liar is because they are both lying and they don't want to bring any more attention to the fact that they are liars. You are not public servants that represents the people, you are puppets and corporate whores. The only thing you represent is everything that is evil, disgusting and wrong. When politicians talk they are just exploiting the uniformed public so that they can continue to keep the public uninformed. Politicians should Represent the Truth, Represent the Facts, Represent Life, Represent the Human Spirit, Represent Compassion, If you try it, you'll like it.

Ambiguous Open to two or more interpretations, intended to mislead. Having more than one possible meaning. Unclear or inexact because a choice between alternatives has not been made.

"Most politicians need to be behind bars and not behind a desk"

Conformity - Ignorance

Media Manipulations - Coercion

Lunatics are running the Asylum. So how do you communicate with lunatics? Learn to be your own doctor of course.

"I don't see politicians or corporations as the source of all our problems, they are just some of our major contributors, and there are many contributing factors when it comes to fully understanding our problems." 

Social Communication

Just pointing out ignorance is not enough. You have to be able to explain the reasons why something is ignorant. But even then, if the person still can't understand why something is ignorant, then you have to give them necessary skills and knowledge that's needed in order for them to see the ignorance. And if they still can't see the ignorance, then they are either mentally impaired or criminally insane. Because 99 % of the time, people who understand the facts, will always do the right thing. And the 1% who are wrong, is attributed to human error. So it's not a guarantee but 99% is some really good odds. That's one of the reasons why humans have survived for so long, that and also a lot of luck. I have enormous amount of faith in people, I just don't have faith in the current education system. If we don't improve education, we will never improve fast enough in order to face the growing challenges that life will throw at us in the 21st century and beyond.

“People think that a liar gains a victory over his victim. What I've learned is that a lie is an act of self-abdication, because one surrenders one's reality to the person to whom one lies, making that person one's master, condemning oneself from then on to faking the sort of reality that person's view requires to be faked.” ( Atlas Shrugged  (Part 3, Chapter 3, Page 859).

Some of our world leaders may believe that they are from a different world, but they are certainly not from another Dimension. We all occupy the same space and time, so welcome to planet Earth.  The feeling of separation is just an illusion.

My Country, 'Tis of Thee 

Luke 11:17
"Any kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and a house divided against itself will fall." 

Mark 11:17 "Then he taught them by saying, "Scripture says, 'My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations, but you have turned it into a gathering place for thieves."

Proverbs 11:17 "A man who is kind benefits himself, but a cruel man hurts himself"

November 17 - Quoting Scripture

Felony means a serious crime.

Federal Crime (wiki) - Abuse - Corporate Crimes

Why do we have to continue to suffer from other people’s ignorance and incompetence? Corruption is not an excuse or a reason to create more corruption. You can’t use a corrupt and ignorant law or a regulation as a reason to have more corruption and more ignorance. If you can’t even tell how ignorant and corrupt your actions are, then you are not qualified to work in a position of authority, especially when some of the decisions that you make can adversely affect other people’s lives. So your incompetence has been noted. Please resign from your position of authority so that we may replace you with a more competent and intelligent person. And until you can prove that you are no longer corrupt and ignorant, you will be barred from working in any position of authority that is in any way connected to the general public.
You are free to go.

It's either there are not enough people for the job or someone is not doing their job? And if someone is not doing their job it's either that the person is too ignorant to know what their job is or that they know what their job is but they don't do their job because they're corrupt. Either way it's all related to ignorance. So we must fix our education system at the bottom and at the same time fix the top by removing corruption and ignorance.

Our Government controls millions of people and the people are never told why they are being controlled or even know how they are being controlled. Media Literacy. And the sad part is that most of these criminals, or politicians, get voted into their positions by the same people they rob and control. Don't Do what I Do, Just Do what I Say!

illogical with an emphasis on "ill"

illogical is unreasonable judgment, Lacking correctness.

ill is affected by an impairment of normal physical or mental function.

Baffled or Bewilderment is confusion resulting from failure to understand. A mental state characterized by a lack of clear and orderly thought and behavior. Mentally confused; unable to think with clarity or act intelligently. Poorly stated or described. Not clear to the mind or easily deciphered.


It's obvious to see that human nature is proof that all humans are naturally born to be good and naturally born to be nice people, that is our true nature. What's unnatural for a human is corrupt behavior, selfishness and violence. Those types of negative behaviors are related to a horrible inadequate education and a bad upbringing. But even then, humans are still inclined to grow up to be good and nice. It's just that most of the humans that go Evil some how find their way into power. And that's when evil people exploit all the good and nice people and cause horrible suffering. That means good and nice people need more then just good nature, they need a willingness to protect what is right. The Nice Guy does not have to finish last, the nice guy has to take charge and understand that nice and good is a responsibility and a priority. Start by improving education and at the same time change the laws that protect corrupt people in power. The Triumph of Good over Evil is not a fairy tail, it's a job and a responsibility. Morals - To Do Nothing is to Be Nothing.

Unions - Organized Labor

Trade Union is an organization of workers who have come together to achieve common goals such as protecting the integrity of its trade, improving safety standards, achieving higher pay and benefits such as health care and retirement, increasing the number of employees an employer assigns to complete the work, and better working conditions. The trade union, through its leadership, bargains with the employer on behalf of union members (rank and file members) and negotiates labour contracts (collective bargaining) with employers. The most common purpose of these associations or unions is "maintaining or improving the conditions of their employment". This may include the negotiation of wages, work rules, complaint procedures, rules governing hiring, firing and promotion of workers, benefits, workplace safety and policies. Unions may organize a particular section of skilled workers (craft unionism), a cross-section of workers from various trades (general unionism), or attempt to organize all workers within a particular industry (industrial unionism). The agreements negotiated by a union are binding on the rank and file members and the employer and in some cases on other non-member workers. Trade unions traditionally have a constitution which details the governance of their bargaining unit and also have governance at various levels of government depending on the industry that binds them legally to their negotiations and functioning. Originating in Great Britain, trade unions became popular in many countries during the Industrial Revolution. Trade unions may be composed of individual workers, professionals, past workers, students, apprentices or the unemployed. Trade union density, or the percentage of workers belonging to a trade union, is highest in the Nordic countries. International Labor Organization.

Worker Rights - Safe Working Conditions - Living Wage - Basic Income - Standard of Living - Quality of Life - Livelihood - Benefits - Debt Bondage - Slavery - Monopoly Abuse - Wealth Divide - Evictions - Tenant Unions

Boycotts - Strikes - Activism - Immigration

Labor Unions in the United States are organizations that represent workers in many industries recognized under US labor law since the 1935 enactment of the National Labor Relations Act. Their activity today centers on collective bargaining over wages, benefits, and working conditions for their membership, and on representing their members in disputes with management over violations of contract provisions. Larger trade unions also typically engage in lobbying activities and electioneering at the state and federal level. Most unions in the United States are aligned with one of two larger umbrella organizations: the AFL-CIO created in 1955, and the Change to Win Federation which split from the AFL-CIO in 2005. Both advocate policies and legislation on behalf of workers in the United States and Canada, and take an active role in politics. The AFL-CIO is especially concerned with global trade issues. The percentage of workers belonging to a union (or total labor union "density") varies by country. In 2019 it was 10.3% in the United States, compared to 20.1% in 1983. There were 14.6 million members in the U.S., down from 17.7 million in 1983.Union membership in the private sector has fallen to 6.2%, one fifth that of public sector workers, at 33.6%. Over half of all union members in the U.S. lived in just seven states (California, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, and Washington), though these states accounted for only about one-third of the workforce. From a global perspective, in 2016 the US had the fifth lowest trade union density of the 36 OECD member nations. In the 21st century, the most prominent unions are among public sector employees such as city employees, government workers, teachers and police. Members of unions are disproportionately older, male, and residents of the Northeast, the Midwest, and California. Union workers average 10-30% higher pay than non-union in the United States after controlling for individual, job, and labor market characteristics. Although much smaller compared to their peak membership in the 1950s, American unions remain a political factor, both through mobilization of their own memberships and through coalitions with like-minded activist organizations around issues such as immigrant rights, trade policy, health care, and living wage campaigns. Of special concern are efforts by cities and states to reduce the pension obligations owed to unionized workers who retire in the future. Republicans elected with Tea Party support in 2010, most notably former Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, have launched major efforts against public sector unions due in part to state government pension obligations (even though Wisconsin's state pension is 100% funded as of 2015) along with the allegation that the unions are too powerful. The academic literature shows substantial evidence that labor unions reduce economic inequality. Research indicates that rising income inequality in the United States is partially attributable to the decline of the labor movement and union membership.

Brotherhood - United - Working Together - Worker Cooperatives - Employee Owned Companies - Benefit Corporations

Syndicalism is a revolutionary current within the labor movement that seeks to unionize workers according to industry and advance their demands through strikes with the eventual goal of gaining control over the means of production and the economy at large. Major syndicalist organizations included the General Confederation of Labor in France, the National Confederation of Labour in Spain, the Italian Syndicalist Union, the Free Workers' Union of Germany, and the Argentine Regional Workers' Federation. Although they did not regard themselves as syndicalists, the Industrial Workers of the World, the Irish Transport and General Workers' Union and the Canadian One Big Union are considered by most historians to belong to this current. A number of syndicalist organizations were and still are to this day linked in the International Workers' Association, but some of its member organizations left for the International Confederation of Labor, formed in 2018.

Workplace Democracy is the application of democracy in the workplace in various forms including voting systems, debates, democratic structuring, due process, adversarial process, and systems of appeal. It can be implemented in a variety of ways, depending on the size, culture, and other variables of an organization.

Unions are Relative. If a company treats its employees good, there is no need to unionize. On top of that, unions require winning elections and negotiations, which can drag on for years. Mentioning unions can also be a non-starter when recruiting support, especially in places like the South — a region that historically hates unions because of their love for slavery and low wage workers. Unions do have one big advantage over other labor groups, which is collective bargaining. Once unions agree to unionize, employers are required by law to negotiate with the union in good faith, but that means winning an election, which can take years.

During the 2000's, Google, Apple, Adobe, Intel, and several other mega corporations had a mutual agreement not to hire each other's employees in order to keep salaries low. This led to a 400 mil class action lawsuit.

Why Amazon workers in Alabama voted not to unionize (youtube).

With unions being attacked by republicans, workers are turning to new approaches to argue not just for wages and benefits, but for a say in supply chains, contract work, and more. Step Up Louisiana, along with our sister organization Step Up for Action, is a community based organization committed to building power to win education and economic justice for all. We work with multiracial and intergenerational Louisianans to “Step Up” by campaigning, organizing from a racial justice perspective, and holding public officials accountable. We organize with parents, workers, students, and community members to disrupt systemic oppression in our schools and workplaces through voter education, advocacy, and action. Production.

Workers United is a labor union built upon a foundation of social justice.

National Labor Relations Act of 1935 is a foundational statute of United States labor law that guarantees the right of private sector employees to organize into trade unions, engage in collective bargaining, and take collective action such as strikes. Central to the act was a ban on company unions. The act was written by Senator Robert F. Wagner, passed by the 74th United States Congress, and signed into law by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The policy of the United States is to encourage collective bargaining by protecting workers’ full freedom of association. The NLRA protects workplace democracy by providing employees at private-sector workplaces the fundamental right to seek better working conditions and designation of representation without fear of retaliation.

Protecting the Right to Organize Act is for the purpose of expanding "various labor protections related to employees' rights to organize and collectively bargain in the workplace". It would prevent employers from holding mandatory meetings for the purpose of counteracting labor organization, and would strengthen the legal right of employees to join a labor union. The bill would also permit labor unions to encourage secondary strikes. The PRO Act would weaken "right-to-work" laws, which exist in 27 U.S. states. It would allow the National Labor Relations Board to fine employers for violations of labor law, and would provide compensation to employees involved in such cases.

Captive Audience Law is to protect employees from being subjected to propaganda from their employers who want to discourage unionizing. A captive audience refers to a situation in which an anti-union employer gives speeches that discourage employees from joining a union. Captive Audience Meeting is a mandatory meeting organized during working hours by an employer with the purpose of discouraging employees from organizing or joining a labor union. It is considered a union busting tactic. Critics allege that captive audience meetings are used to intimidate workers and spread misinformation; employees can be fired for failing to participate in the meeting or for asking questions. Captive Audience is when listeners or onlookers who have no choice but to attend. It's when a person or people are unable to leave a place and are thus forced to listen to what is being said.

History of Union Busting in the United States is a long one.

Race to the Bottom is the lowering or deterioration of standards in business as a result of the pressure of competition that compromises the public good by lowering labor pay rates. Government deregulation of the business environment or reduction in corporate tax rates and lowering the cost of business, in order to attract or retain economic activity in their jurisdictions, is usually at the expense of workers and their families and the environment.

Card Check or majority sign-up is a method for employees to organize into a labor union in which a majority of employees in a bargaining unit sign authorization forms, or "cards", stating they wish to be represented by the union.

Labor Law sets the rights and duties for employees, labor unions, and employers in the United States. Labor law's basic aim is to remedy the "inequality of bargaining power" between employees and employers, especially employers "organized in the corporate or other forms of ownership association". Over the 20th century, federal law created minimum social and economic rights, and encouraged state laws to go beyond the minimum to favor employees. The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 requires a federal minimum wage, currently $7.25 but higher in 28 states, and discourages working weeks over 40 hours through time-and-a-half overtime pay. There is no federal law requiring paid holidays or paid family leave, and limited state laws. The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 creates a limited right to 12 weeks of unpaid leave in larger employers. There is no automatic right to an occupational pension beyond federally guaranteed social security, but the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 requires standards of prudent management and good governance if employers agree to provide pensions, health plans or other benefits. The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 requires employees have a safe system of work.

Organized Labor is for workers to form "a continuous association of wage-earners for the purpose of maintaining or improving the conditions of their employment". This is primarily achieved by use of the technique of collective bargaining, where labour organizations negotiate wages and working conditions with employers. Closely related is the concept of industrial action, in which an organization will call strikes and resist lockouts. Another characteristic of labour organizations are the provision of benefits for members, such as unemployment insurance, health insurance, pensions, funeral expenses, job training, and legal services. Organizations also often carry out political campaigns, lobbying, and support political candidates or parties. Operating costs are covered by the payment of dues and fees by members, with the expectation that the money be spent to benefit the membership.

Working Class - Wealth Divide - Living Wage - Basic Income

Industrial Workers of the World or IWW, "Wobblies", is an international labor union that was founded in 1905 in Chicago, Illinois in the United States of America.

"Workers of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your chains."

Films about Labor Movements - How the American Government and Corporations got away with murdering Labor Rights Activists.

Collective Bargaining is a process of negotiation between employers and a group of employees aimed at agreements to regulate working salaries, working conditions, benefits, and other aspects of workers' compensation and rights. The interests of the employees are commonly presented by representatives of a trade union to which the employees belong. The collective agreements reached by these negotiations usually set out wage scales, working hours, training, health and safety, overtime, grievance mechanisms, and rights to participate in workplace or company affairs. The union may negotiate with a single employer (who is typically representing a company's shareholders) or may negotiate with a group of businesses, depending on the country, to reach an industry-wide agreement. A collective agreement functions as a labour contract between an employer and one or more unions. Collective bargaining consists of the process of negotiation between representatives of a union and employers (generally represented by management, or, in some countries such as Austria, Sweden and the Netherlands, by an employers' organization) in respect of the terms and conditions of employment of employees, such as wages, hours of work, working conditions, grievance procedures, and about the rights and responsibilities of trade unions. The parties often refer to the result of the negotiation as a collective bargaining agreement or CBA, or as a collective employment agreement or CEA.

Taking away collective bargaining is a criminal act. Fascism.

Union Busting: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) (youtube) - Many corporations fend off labor organizing through intimidation and threats.

Your Right to Form a Union. If a majority of workers wants to form a union, they can select a union in one of two ways: If at least 30% of workers sign cards or a petition saying they want a union, the NLRB will conduct an election. If a majority of those who vote choose the union, the NLRB will certify the union as your representative for collective bargaining. An election is not the only way a union can become your representative. Your employer may voluntarily recognize a union based on evidence - typically signed union-authorization cards - that a majority of employees want it to represent them. Once a union has been certified or recognized, the employer is required to bargain over your terms and conditions of employment with your union representative. Special rules apply in the construction industry.

Twitter account that supports unionizing workers at the company.

Labor Day honors the American Labor Movement and the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, laws, and well-being of the country. It is the Monday of the long weekend known as Labor Day Weekend. It is recognized as a federal holiday. Beginning in the late 19th century, as the trade union and labor movements grew, trade unionists proposed that a day be set aside to celebrate labor. "Labor Day" was promoted by the Central Labor Union and the Knights of Labor, which organized the first parade in New York City. In 1887, Oregon was the first state of the United States to make it an official public holiday. By the time it became an official federal holiday in 1894, thirty states in the United States officially celebrated Labor Day. Canada's Labour Day is also celebrated on the first Monday of September. More than 80 countries celebrate International Workers' Day on May 1, and several countries have chosen their own dates for Labour Day. May 1 was chosen by a pan-national organization of socialist and communist political parties to commemorate the general strike and events that took place around the Haymarket affair, which occurred in Chicago on May 1 through 4, 1886.

May Day is a public holiday, in some regions, usually celebrated on 1 May or the first Monday of May. It is an ancient festival of spring and a current traditional spring holiday in many European cultures. Dances, singing, and cake are usually part of the festivities. In 1889, May Day was chosen as the date for International Workers' Day by the Socialists and Communists of the Second International to commemorate the Haymarket affair in Chicago. International Workers' Day is also called "May Day", but it is a different celebration from the traditional May Day.

International Workers' Day also known as Labour Day in most countries and often referred to as May Day, is a celebration of labourers and the working classes that is promoted by the international labour movement and occurs every year on May Day (1 May).

Labour Movement consists of two main wings: the trade union movement (British English) or labor union movement (American English), also called trade unionism or labor unionism on the one hand, and the political labour movement on the other. he trade union movement consists of the collective organisation of working people developed to represent and campaign for better working conditions and treatment from their employers and, by the implementation of labour and employment laws, from their governments. The standard unit of organisation is the trade union. The political labour movement in many countries includes a political party that represents the interests of employees, often known as a "labour party" or "workers' party". Many individuals and political groups otherwise considered to represent ruling classes may be part of, and active in, the labour movement. The labour movement developed in response to the depredations of industrial capitalism at about the same time as socialism. However, while the goal of the labour movement is to protect and strengthen the interests of labour within capitalism, the goal of socialism is to replace the capitalist system entirely.

Workers of the World, Unite! is one of the rallying cries from the The Communist Manifesto in 1848.

Strikes are workers refusing to work in an attempt to change their conditions in a particular industry or an individual workplace, or in solidarity with those in another particular workplace and general strikes, widespread refusal of workers to work in an organized political campaign on a broader national or international level. Activism.

The Communist Manifesto is an 1848 pamphlet by German philosophers Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels concerning the nature of society and politics, namely that in their own words "[t]he history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles". It also briefly features their ideas for how the capitalist society of the time would eventually be replaced by socialism. In the last paragraph of the Manifesto, the authors call for a "forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions", which served as a call for communist revolutions around the world.

Karl Marx was a German philosopher, economist, historian, sociologist, political theorist, journalist and socialist revolutionary. Born in Trier, Germany, Marx studied law and philosophy at university. He married Jenny von Westphalen in 1843. Due to his political publications, Marx became stateless and lived in exile with his wife and children in London for decades, where he continued to develop his thought in collaboration with German thinker Friedrich Engels and publish his writings, researching in the reading room of the British Museum. His best-known titles are the 1848 pamphlet The Communist Manifesto and the three-volume Das Kapital (1867–1883). Marx's political and philosophical thought had enormous influence on subsequent intellectual, economic and political history. His name has been used as an adjective, a noun, and a school of social theory.

Marxism is a method of socioeconomic analysis that uses a materialist interpretation of historical development, better known as historical materialism, to understand class relations and social conflict as well as a dialectical perspective to view social transformation. It originates from the works of 19th-century German philosophers Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. As Marxism has developed over time into various branches and schools of thought, there is currently no single definitive Marxist theory.

Working Class comprises those engaged in waged or salaried labour, especially in manual-labour occupations and industrial work. Working-class occupations (see also "Designation of workers by collar color") include blue-collar jobs, some white-collar jobs, and most pink-collar jobs. Members of the working class rely exclusively upon earnings from wage labour; thus, according to more inclusive definitions, the category can include almost all of the working population of industrialized economies, as well as those employed in the urban areas (cities, towns, villages) of non-industrialized economies or in the rural workforce.

Labor History in the United States describes the history of organized labor, US labor law, and more general history of working people, in the United States. Beginning in the 1930s, unions became important components of the Democratic Party. However, some historians have not understood why no Labor Party emerged in the United States, in contrast to Western Europe.

Solidarity Forever, Solidarity forever, Solidarity forever, For the union makes us strong, When the union's inspiration through the workers' blood shall run, There can be no power greater anywhere beneath the sun, Yet what force on earth is weaker than the feeble strength of one, But the union makes us strong, Solidarity forever, Solidarity forever, Solidarity forever, For the union makes us strong, It is we who plowed the prairies, built the cities where they trade, Dug the mines and built the workshops, endless miles of railroad laid, Now we stand outcast and starving midst the wonders we have made, But the union makes us strong, Solidarity forever, Solidarity forever, Solidarity forever, For the union makes us strong, They have taken untold millions that they never toiled to earn, But without our brain and muscle not a single wheel can turn, We can break their haughty power, gain our freedom when we learn, That the union makes us strong, Solidarity forever, Solidarity forever, Solidarity forever, For the union makes us strong, In our hands is placed a power greater than their hoarded gold, Greater than the might of atoms, magnified a thousand fold, We can bring to birth a new world from the ashes of the old, For the union makes us strong, Solidarity forever, Solidarity forever, Solidarity forever, For the union makes us strong.

We should not organize for the piece of the action. We should only organize to be part of the decision-making process and make the decisions that matter. Deciding what's right and what is good for everyone, and not just for the people involved. Be aware, you don't want the same greedy ignorant scumbags running the union that were running the corporation.

I always thought that labor unions were a good thing because they cared about workers rights and their wages. But it seems that some unions are just saying that "if we are going to work for a criminal organization, then we want a piece of the action", which is organizing for the wrong reasons and basically being an accessory to a crime. But it's not just the unions, it is also every person who is not aware of what their own employer is really doing, or what's happening in their own government.

Wakeup Call

Now that some unions are losing their Collective Bargaining Rights they will now know how the rest of the country feels every day. State governments attacking unions is a good thing because now everyone is in the same boat. Hopefully now we can all get together and take on our government and make the Necessary Changes that are needed to protect everyone. Why do people wait till their money and privileges are gone before they make a stand. Money is not just a distraction, money distorts reality and manipulates values. Money and privileges also alienates you from other people and your own planet. So we either rid the world of money and create a better system or we educate everyone so that they are fully protected against the poisoning effects of money. "Money is the Root of all Evil" may not be fully understood or correct, but we can now say that money clearly has damaging psychological effects. Money distorts reality and causes a disconnect between humans and the world around us.

2022 - The two largest rail unions split on contract vote. SMART Transportation Division and the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen. The deal gave workers a 24% raise over five years, an additional personal day and caps on health care costs. It also includes some modifications to the railroads' strict attendance policies, allowing workers to attend to medical needs without facing penalties for missing work. The railroads called it the most generous contract in modern history and noted that upon ratification, workers would see an average payout of $16,000 in back raises and bonuses. The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen, representing roughly 23,000 workers, voted to ratify the deal with 53.5% of the vote. But SMART Transportation Division, representing 28,000 conductors, brakemen, yardmen and others, rejected the agreement, with 50.87% voting no. Should there be a strike, Congress would likely intervene within hours. The Railway Labor Act allows Congress to take any number of measures to get trains running again — including imposing some version of the contract or extending the status quo, kicking any decision to the next congress.

"Union busters are communist loving fascists who lack of empathy towards humans and become psychopaths when given power."

93 Films about the Labor Movements (wiki) - Activist Films - Boycotts

Norma Rae is a 1979 American drama film based on the true story of Crystal Lee Sutton, a factory worker with little formal education in North Carolina who, after her and her co-workers' health are compromised due to poor working conditions, becomes involved in trade union activities at the textile factory where she works.

On the Waterfront is a 1954 American crime drama film that focuses on union violence and corruption amongst longshoremen, while detailing widespread corruption, extortion, and racketeering on the waterfronts of Hoboken, New Jersey.

Alice's Egg Plant is a 1925 film which depicts a pointedly Soviet "Little Red Henski," fresh off a train from Moscow, inciting a strike among Alice's previously happy hens.

Salt of the Earth is a 1954 film about the Empire Zinc strike, also known as the Salt of the Earth strike, was a 15-month-long miners' strike in Grant County, New Mexico against the Empire Zinc Company for its discriminatory pay. The strike drew national attention, and after it was settled in 1952.

Blue Collar is a 1978 American crime drama film that was a critique of union practices and an examination of life in a working-class Rust Belt enclave.

Clubs - Partisan

Fraternity is a social club for male undergraduates. Friendship and mutual support within a group of people.

Sorority is a social club for female undergraduates.

Social Club is a group of people or the place where they meet, generally formed around a common interest, occupation, or activity.

Partisan in Politics. Sometimes banding together in groups can actually separates us. Fraternities and sororities is when sharing common interests separates you from others who don't.

Power - Mailgram Experiment - Privilege - Brotherhood - Institutions

Hazing is the practice of rituals, challenges, and other activities involving harassment, abuse or humiliation used as a way of initiating a person into a group including a new fraternity, sorority, team, or club.

Initiation is a rite of passage marking entrance or acceptance into a group or society.

Torture is the act of deliberately inflicting physical pain or psychological pain on an organism in order to fulfill some desire of the torturer or compel some action from the victim. Torture, by definition, is a knowing and intentional act; deeds which unknowingly or negligently inflict pain without a specific intent to do so are not typically considered torture.

Sometimes Unions attack the rights of others.

It's good to recognize members, but when when you exclude others you can create prejudice and racism just because someone is in a different class, or a different religion, or a different race, or a different education. When we expect privileges because we are a part of a group, we alienate ourselves.

Social Alienation is a low degree of integration or common values and a high degree of distance or isolation between individuals, or between an individual and a group of people in a community or work environment". The concept has many discipline-specific uses, and can refer both to a personal psychological state (subjectively) and to a type of social relationship (objectively).

Conformity - "We need to stick together without separating ourselves from the whole".

Armed Forces (the war machine is a racket)

Waking up is not just what you do after you sleep, it's also what you do after you realize that you were never fully awake.

Most people hope for change but just hoping for change does not always work. Don’t wait for Change, Make the Change, Be part of the Change. Waiting for that day when the TV says “People we have made some very important changes and improvements are coming”..That day will not happen unless you are the one giving that announcement.

Too many people assume that because there are smart people in the world, that naturally, these smart people must be the ones who are in charge and who control our most important services. Sadly these so-called smart people are as ignorant as you and me. This is not to say that these smart people have no intelligence, it’s that their minds have been corrupted and their reasoning has been distorted and manipulated. Most every person on the planet understands how Power & Money corrupts the human mind and distorts reality. And smart people are not immune from this infection. So you have to ask yourself, “who is in control? The money or the man?" The only way that the general public will ever have any control or understanding of their lives is when they decide to take part in this responsibility of knowing who is in charge and who is corrupted. Showing up at a voting both once a year will not change or improve a single thing. Educating yourself on what actions you must take everyday will definitely help to improve the lives and the future of everyone.

Complacent and content are delusions of an ignorant person who has become unattached from reality. You can be happy and you can be thankful, just don’t be blind.

Managing bad habits that we refuse to give up.

If you don't define your priorities you will never be defined. Your life will be random, easily distracted and unfocused. You will be constantly confused by your own misconceptions and at the same time create a false sense of security. All this happens because you never learned the importance of continually acquiring knowledge and learning the importance of defining your priorities based on that knowledge.

We spend too much time managing insignificant bad ideas instead of optimizing our time managing good ideas. Good ideas produce the best results and would actually by default, fix all the other insignificant bad ideas. So if you don't have any priorities then your first priority would be to..."Define your Priorities"…short term and long term.

Either you are part of the solution or you are part of the problem.

We have proven that voting is the fairest way to decide, but voting is not a guarantee that the majority of voters fully understand what their vote really means. The public only votes for politicians and only votes on a few issues and then the rest of the decision-making is done behind their backs. This is not democracy; this is clearly a fascist Capitalistic society. If the public is not voting at least once a week on the issues that directly impact their lives then they are most likely unaware of the issues and unable to do anything to help improve their community. Schools, colleges, businesses and local governments must all play a role in helping the public vote on a regular basis as well as help educate the public about the serious problems that plague our society.

Education is everyone’s responsibility.

Your brain will never function properly without the necessary knowledge and information that is needed everyday to manage the enormous amounts of messages received from our numerous senses. Everything that the human brain needs to process must be understood. You have to learn how to process human emotions, physical and mental changes, interaction with the planet, interaction with other living species and so on and so on. Your brain is the most important tool. But it doesn’t teach itself. So it’s up to you to make sure it gets the necessary amounts of knowledge everyday. A tool that can make more tools is a gift, and it’s the only gift that will ever make a difference in your life. Your brain needs you. And if you let your brain down it will let you down. Cause and effect. 

The Human Brain

Knowledge will always be this one thing that will always have an influence on everything that you do in your entire life. Education is connected to everything. Our perceptions, our actions, our feelings, our soul, everything is connected to education. Knowledge is the path that intersects all Paths.

One of our greatest inventions for communication is the TV. But sadly corporations have hijacked the TV for their own selfish motives, with one motive being money the other being propaganda. And even sadder then that is that people don’t do anything about it. And the main reason that people don’t do anything about it is that people just don’t know any better in order to stop it. The channels of communication are not to be owned, the channels of communication should only be shared. Yes we get entertainment from TV, but there has to be a balance. For every hour of entertainment on TV there should be an hour of Education on TV. For every hour of commercials there should be an hour of Education and public service announcements. People have a voice. Freedom of Speech is not just a right it’s absolutely necessary. If we’re not able to communicate with each other then we are just ignorantly throwing away the greatest ability that we have for our survival.

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It’s definitely all about education. Just think about it, how can it be anything else?

Remember when you were young and you learned something new for the very first time. Remember how incredible that felt. Witnessing your mind and body come together to perform an incredible skill, a skill that you were not so good at just hours before or even days before. That moment creates an incredible feeling of awareness. You are finally sensing the incredible abilities that you possess. You are an incredible machine. Sensing your abilities reveals more options and more choices. It produces self-pride and a surge of positive energy. It's truly amazing when you begin to understand just how incredible the mind and body truly is. But for some strange reason as we get older that joy of learning decreases. Why? Is it that what you are learning doesn't matter? Or is it that you never learned what mattered? So what matters? What matters to you? What matters to others? What Matters to the world? These are some of the questions that we should be asking ourselves at least once a day. If you have stopped being excited about learning then something has changed. And this change is creating a real disadvantage and putting you at risk.

If everyone becomes a positive contributor to the human evolution our evolution will be glorious.

Instead of Mandatory Military Service they should have Mandatory Education Service. A human shouldn’t be learning how to kill in the most important and influential time in their young life. They should be learning the importance of education and the importance of teaching. Having a strong military is necessary but not at the expense of a countries future and stability. If you spend all your time and energy protecting yourself from violence you will never do away with violence. Violence does not defeat violence it only creates more violence, and this cycle of violence has no end. If you truly want to do away with violence you have to stop feeding violence and stop promoting violence as the only way to react to conflict. Educated people will always seek intelligent solutions because they know that war is only a temporary fix. But if you never educate people, those intelligent solutions will never be known. And when I say Mandatory Education Service I’m not talking about Compulsory Education, we are not forcing people into a fixed and limited form of education like they have in public schools. We’re talking about an education that is the full realm of knowledge and information that the human race has accumulated during its entire existence. And the only requirement of this education is that you help add to it. There is no passing, there is no failing, there is just helping. Helping to educate, helping to organize and helping to learn. If you are going to have any type of peace talks, you have to have an agreement on education, because if you don’t understand the importance and power of education you will never have peace.

If you were in charge of preparing a human to live in the 21st century, what would be the number one most important thing that you could offer a human that would provide the most important skills all humans should possess? Yes education. So what’s the problem? The problem is that people don't know what the problem is...



There is always going to be someone who knows something that you don't know.

I don't consider myself smart or even intelligent, not yet anyway. I have an average memory and an average awareness. It's just that I'm inquisitive and I'm a big fan of logic. So I guess I'm mostly just trying to be as smart as I can, but not necessarily smart as I should be. Yes there are people who have more knowledge then I do, there are people who have a larger vocabulary then I do, there are people who have better communication skills then I do and there are people who have better writing skills then I do. But I wouldn't consider a person with these skills smarter, I would just consider them more schooled in a particular area of knowledge. Having a great education is one thing, getting the right knowledge at the right time and in the right environment and then fully understanding it all is another. There's a big difference between doing good in school and doing good in life, because there are many different skills that help define intelligence, many of which we are now just discovering.

Howard Polymath - Being a Benefit to Others is my Guiding Principle

Just because I know a lot of things does not mean that I know everything. There are still a lot of things that I do not know. So yes, I can look stupid at times, but at least now I'm more aware of how stupid or how ignorant that I am about something's. I also don't feel embarrassed anymore when I find out that I don't know something, mostly because I know that I can easily learn something if needed. So I don't worry, I just Live and Learn...You want confidence, be confident that you can learn anything you want. But you have to be realistic in knowing that everything that you do learn is not always going to be good, right or positive. But that is the beauty of learning, the ability to make better choices, because now you know that you have choices, all because you decided to learn what your choices are. You want a better world, then start making one, because things don't improve all by themselves, you have to be part of it. And what I mean by being only part of it, is that you will not be able to improve something's all by yourself, you will need help. So one of the first things you need to do is start making friends and start building relationships that are positive and supportive, because making improvements needs the support of others in order to succeed. And it all starts with you. 

Trust me I'm still stupid, I'm just less stupid then I was before. And I’m less stupid then the time before that and so on and so on. I doubt that I could ever become free of stupidity. Then again I wouldn't want to. There’s still a lot of good stupidity that is funny and not damaging to my surroundings. It’s not like I planned to be stupid. It’s just that it took a long time for me to figure it out. Some people are in denial that they're stupid. I just wasn't aware that I was stupid, which is a big difference because I can improve and correct myself. Denial can never correct itself. I still have a lot of catching up to do. 


"I'm not smart, I'm just a lot less dumber then I was before" 


One of the nice things about learning is that you realize how stupid you are. And when you finally do realize how stupid you are, you can now make better choices. So how do you make others realize how stupid they are?

I was once incredibly ignorant, but because of the internet, and my desire to learn, I am now for the first time in my life a lot more knowledgeable of myself and the world around me. And to prove it, I've saved almost everything that I learned and seen on the internet for the last 15 years since 1998. I then placed everything into two websites. Categorized and organized. Two personal databases, one for adventure and the other for knowledge. The next step is to create several navigation structures that can be modified for each level of knowledge and each age group. I'm 52 years old and I'm just getting started, I definitely don't feel like I'll be slowly walking into the sunset, I feel more like I'm gradually ascending into the universe, with each year learning and understanding more and more. So by the time I die I will transcend into something beyond comprehension, where life and death will will take on a whole new meaning. Wonderful ! (2. 2.13)

I'm always saying that I'm the luckiest man alive, mostly because of being fortunate to have lived this long and being fortunate to have learned so many things. And one of those things that I learned was about luck itself. Good luck could end up being bad luck, and bad luck could end up being good luck. So when I say that I'm the luckiest man alive, I'm saying that I had bad luck, good luck, no luck and all the luck, all mixed together perfectly. You can't get any luckier then that. (11.15.14 )

For what ever reason, or reasons, my brain just happened to be perfectly suited for finding information and knowledge on the internet. I was also good at organizing and categorizing information and knowledge. I was also good at cross referencing information and knowledge, showing how things in our world are related in some way to other things. And these associations create a better understanding of knowledge and information. And these associations also create a more reliable memory of the things that you have learned. So you gradually make fewer mistakes and you gradually make better decisions. Your awareness becomes incredible and life becomes a constant flow of discovery. (11.21.13)

"My life was far from perfect, I guess that's why I feel incredibly lucky." 
"My life was far from perfect, but it was perfect enough for me."
"My parents were not perfect, but they were perfect enough for me."

It saddens me to know that over 90% of the people who read some of the things that I have written will not understand it enough to grasp its true meaning. But what’s great about the written word is that it could last for thousands of years long after I’m gone, which should give people plenty of time to figure out what I have written, not to say that it will actually take that long. In a way the written word is like immortality. Lasting a lot longer then the people who repeated the words creatively.

"It's like trying to explain what something looks like to a blind person. Ignorance is blindness, and the worst part is that people don't even know they're blind."

"It's like I've traveled through space and visited another planet, and now I'm trying to explain to you this journey that I have taken through space, except that, the space we're really talking about is the space between your ears, and the planet that I've visited is actually our consciousness. So since I'm telling you our story, where would you like for me to begin? I figure you would like for me to start, where I or you, left off?"

"It's almost impossible to explain the enormous potential that specialized knowledge and information can give a person. This is  a problem that we must solve."

"I'm out there, because I have to be, I'm outside my mind exploring the possibilities, while you're inside your closed mind that will never develop into anything valuable or important. So I would rather be out there then in there."

My only concern is, will our most important information and knowledge stand the test of time? Knowledge Preservation.

When you Find Better Words, you make a Better You...

Of course I reedit stuff that I have already written and posted, don’t you?

Belief Revision is the process of changing beliefs to take into account a new piece of information. The logical formalization of belief revision is researched in philosophy, in databases, and in artificial intelligence for the design of rational agents.

Metanoia is changing one's mind. Criticism.

Reassess is to revise or renew one's assessment.

Retraction is a public statement made about an earlier statement that withdraws, cancels, refutes, or reverses the original statement or ceases and desists from publishing the original statement. Apology.

Errata is an error in printing or writing. A list of corrected errors appended to a book or published in a subsequent issue of a journal. A list of errors in a printed work discovered after printing and shown with corrections.

Patch in computing is a piece of software designed to update a computer program or its supporting data, to fix or improve usability or performance. Re-Programming Thoughts.

Second Edition includes all copies of a book printed “from substantially the same setting of type,” including all minor typographical variants. The numbering of book editions is a special case of the wider field of revision control.

Version Control is the management of changes to documents, computer programs, large web sites, and other collections of information. Changes are usually identified by a number or letter code, termed the "revision number", "revision level", or simply "revision". For example, an initial set of files is "revision 1". When the first change is made, the resulting set is "revision 2", and so on. Each revision is associated with a timestamp and the person making the change. Revisions can be compared, restored, and with some types of files, merged.

Editing Help - Proof Reading - Writers Blindness

These are not my final words, these are just the words that I have so far based on the current level of knowledge and information that has been collected and processed. When more knowledge and information is collected and processed, then things will be either updated or confirmed.

It’s not just because I can reedit, I do it because I have to, it’s called learning. I rarely get it right the first time, which is not important. What’s important is that I learn. “I learn” there for I reedit and I update. If you are not reediting or updating past statements, writings, feelings, beliefs or thoughts then you have learned nothing new, which is not impossible, it's just highly improbable. Ask anyone who's made a statement some time ago and ask him or her if they would still say the same thing. I guarantee you that if they don’t have a reedited or updated version of what they have said, then they are either lying, or they have learned nothing new, or they have learning disabilities, or they actually got it right the first time, which would be amazing and hard to prove. This is not an edit war, it's just amending, refining, cutting, copying, and pasting and changing my mind.

BK101 started out as links with some writing, and then grew from there. Collecting knowledge and information and then organizing it all on a website. And then sometimes I would write brief messages about some of the knowledge and information that I collected. So I wrote a lot of Notes in the Margin.

Notes in the Margin or Writing in the Margins. Similar to Dictionary Usage Notes or Special Usage Labels or like having a Dictionary with Context.

Marginalia are marks made in the margins of a book or other document. They may be scribbles, comments, glosses (annotations), critiques, doodles, or illuminations.

Annotation is extra information associated with a particular point in a document or other piece of information. It can be a note that includes a comment or explanation. Annotations are sometimes presented in the margin of book pages. For annotations of different digital media, see web annotation and text annotation.

Notation is a system of graphics or symbols, characters and abbreviated expressions, used in artistic and scientific disciplines to represent technical facts and quantities by convention. Therefore, a notation is a collection of related symbols that are each given an arbitrary meaning, created to facilitate structured communication within a domain knowledge or field of study.

It seems that definitions and meanings are extremely important to human communication. And when you add context, it helps us increase the accuracy of our communications. And when you add links, you can now communicate even more with layers of information that can be adjusted for different levels of understanding. Making most computers the Ultimate Education Tool for Learning.

Going on 14 years since 2008, and I'm just getting started. Over 50,000 hours so far. The bulk of my work is almost done. But the final editing and upgrades will take some more time.

Knowledge Base

Reference Book is a book to which one can refer for information. The information is intended to be found quickly when needed. Reference works are usually referred to for particular pieces of information, rather than read beginning to end. The writing style used in these works is informative; the authors avoid use of the first person, and emphasize facts. Court Case Decisions.

Index in publishing is a list of words or phrases ('headings') and associated pointers ('locators') to where useful material relating to that heading can be found in a document or collection of documents.

Human Manual

I love looking back on things that I have written years ago. My original observations are sometimes ignorant and embarrassing. But thank God for learning, because original observations are not my final observations.

Correcting of Truth

Correction is the act of offering an improvement to replace a mistake; setting right. A quantity that is added or subtracted in order to increase the accuracy of a scientific measure. A rebuke for making a mistake. Something substituted for an error.

Updating is the act of changing something to bring it up to date usually by adding something or supply with more recent information.

Improve is to make better. Make something superior in quality or condition or effect. Most suitable or right for a particular purpose. Having desirable or positive qualities especially those suitable for a thing specified. Promoting or enhancing well-being.

Revision is the act of revising or altering involving reconsideration and modification. The act of rewriting something. Something that has been written again.

Reboot - Editing - Editors - Editing Resources

"I like to write down answers to questions and see how the answer changes over time. knowledge evolves and so does the answers to our most important questions. Yesterdays answer may not be the same answer you have tomorrow. Learning is a wonderful thing."

Searching for Meaning - What's the Point?

"Judge me more for what I am saying now and not so much for the stupid things that I've said in the past".

February 27, 2011

"How do I know what I mean until I see what I say?" People think that because I'm capable of doing so many things that I actually should be doing all these things. I can't do everything. Though I try to do as many things that I can I know that I can't do everything. I'm not saddened by this fact or even stressed by this fact because that is reality. There are only so many things that a human can accomplish over an average human lifespan. So it is extremely important that my priorities are logical and that I manage my time efficiently, effectively and with balance. And I'm not saying that I have thought of everything. I know that it's almost impossible to think of everything. But that is the kind of challenge that I Love. I love asking questions and I love hearing people say "Have you ever asked this question?"

Define your priorities, define your responsibilities, Define your Goals, define your things to do, define your dreams, define yourself.... Yes there are no guarantees in life and yes things will change. But if you never define these things you will never be....

What have I been doing?

Organizing the Internet and asking questions and defining the answers and then retaining that knowledge in my mind and on my website. The more questions that you can answer is incredibly important. Having the answers to questions helps protect you from confusion and helps protect you from making horrible mistakes that would considerably slow down progress, waste time and make your life an awful struggle. But it's not just knowing the answers to questions, it's also knowing all the other questions to ask that helps define the answers. Then you have to fully understand how to formulate answers and fully understand where in the mind this knowledge should be stored. Then you have to fully understand when this knowledge should be used to process future questions and when this knowledge should be used to analyze future problems. If you don't fully understand your knowledge then you are just another Jeopardy contestant, and life is not a game show, for if it were, 90 percent of humans would be losers. And the main reason why we are losers is because our worlds education system is inadequate and incompetent. Where in the education system does a human learn to use their mind and learn to formulate knowledge?

First collect it all and then sort it out later...I spend most of my time extracting information and knowledge, so I do not have enough time to process it all. But I will soon in 2017, when I start creating the curriculum.

"I'm still picking the crops, and the first harvest is almost complete. The food will be delivered soon. You have tasted the free samples, now its time for the main course."

I’m not the one who should be given credit. 90% of all the knowledge and information that I acquired is from other people, some living and some no longer living. I then formulate my understanding of that knowledge and information in a way that shines light on a problem that needs more attention and needs more understanding.

I'm Standing on the Shoulders of Giants - Pass the Baton

Copy Transform Combine (youtube)

"Don't thank me, thank the millions of people who have contributed to human knowledge and development. The same millions who I benefited from, who helped educate me into the person that I am today. The only thing that I did on my own was share everything that I have learned, which is mostly from the 100's of millions of people who have lived and died before me."

"Because sometimes asking the right questions is the answer."

I don’t analyze everything. I just analyze the things that need analyzing. And the first thing that you have to do when analyzing something is you have to find out what are the essential questions that you need to ask? So how do you go about finding these essential questions? You have to learn them. And one of the most effective and most efficient ways to find and learn these essential questions is through research and open discussions. And this is why the Internet is so extremely important. The best way to fully understand something is to know what questions to ask. Especially when you are trying to understand yourself. What am I doing and Why am I doing it?

This website is a combination of my insatiable quest for wanting to know things, and most likely, some other force of nature that is outside the realm of my understanding. "Why am I Here" is just too big of a question to take on at this time. I hope to answer that question much later in my life if I can. Right now I'm more focused on answering the questions that I have a better chance of understanding.

And as long as I'm here, I might as well do it while I'm here, why waste the trip?

Ask me how I’m doing? Well it depends on how you look at it of course. In one hand I’m doing incredibly Well, and in the other hand, not so well. My website is like having a hundred different discussions all at once. Every time I hear a word or phrase, whether from other sources or within my own thoughts, 90% of the time I know exactly what page and in what paragraph that particular word or phrase relates to on my website. So I update that particular discussion. This is like a daily ritual. Even when I’m not in front of my computer I’m still working because mostly everything in my life now is related to a discussion or concept that I am currently working on somewhere in my website. And as I organize all the subject material and knowledge that I have acquired on my website, I realize that this is just one of many steps to organizing all the subject material and knowledge that's now in my brain. There are very few people in the world that could be more efficient or more productive then I am working on this Project. Not just because of my skills, but mostly because I understand this project and know where everything is. The only way to see where it’s going is to see where it goes. It’s really difficult to explain to the average person exactly what I’m doing. I could name ten different skills that I use to earn money. But I use a combination of many different skills to work on one particular project. Usually averaging 50 hours a week, but offering very little compensation. Work is work, right? Volunteering is considered work. So work is not just about the Money, it’s more about the Value of your actions. Then on top of that in the last ten years I have created a Human Search Engine. I solve problems all day. Some problems are small and insignificant, and other problems are big and really significant. The biggest problem that I’m working almost everyday is how to improve education and how to make it available to as many people as possible. The trick is learning how to balance your problem solving with this thing we call life. Maintenance does have it's responsibilities after all.

"I just needed some time to think, I had no idea that it would take all these years, but it did, I thought that eventually that I would say "ok that's enough thinking, lets start doing". But the doing was the thinking. And as long as I keep writing, and keep learning, and keep living life, I will keep making progress. This journey is never ending, and I'm ok with that."

"It's not like it was the only way, it was just the way that it happened. I didn't really choose a way, so I didn't mean for it to happen that way It was more that I adjusted to what was happening, and not all the adjustments were accurate. I would also not say that I had to go it alone, It just happened that I was alone, but I was not lonely because no one is truly ever alone."

"I wouldn't say that I'm normal, or I would not say that I'm not normal, what I would only say is "what ever normal is, it is only an opinion of the observer, and the observer themselves may or may not be normal themselves. So you see, in order to define what normal is, you must first define one thing, and only one thing at a time. Because you can never define the whole by knowing just a few of its parts. The only way to fully understand the whole, is to understand all the pieces. Even when things can be quantified, you still have the individual. So parameters can vary. And if you are the observer, then your parameters can also vary. This is where collaborations or group therapy might have an advantage in certain cases. Group therapy using several doctors with several patients, collaborating, analyzing and researching together. Making sure you are seeing things through everyone else's eyes and not just your own eyes."

"Sometimes when I think that there's something wrong with people, it usually turns out to be that there's something wrong with me. Because in order to correctly analyze someone else you must first correctly analyze yourself. You must always verify the calibration of the testing equipment before a test, so that what you learn is more accurate."

Most people mean well, it’s just that sometimes, people don’t know what they mean.

Good intentions are not always good or easily understood by the giver or the receiver. We don't always say what we mean or mean what we say. Prone to confusion. People can learn, it’s just that sometimes people only want to learn when they feel it’s personally suitable or perceived to be important. How many different types of learning disabilities are there? Can teaching and learning information literacy help solve this problem? You should never feel insecure about what you don't know or should you ever be afraid of saying something stupid. As long as you are asking a question, whether the question is stupid or not, you will never be lying to anyone or pretending to know something that you are not sure of, which in some cases can cause someone else to make a mistake. There is no shame in saying I don't know, the only shame that there is comes from not wanting to seek knowledge about the truth.

I'm not here to direct you, unless you are in need of direction. I'm here mostly to make you aware that there are a lot of questions that you need to answer.

You Think You Know Everything

October 6, 2012

It's funny when you see kids and teenagers act like they think they know everything, I was that same way. I didn't how ignorant I was until I started to educate myself. This is why most kids rebel against their parents. And it's not just that the kids are thinking that they know everything, it's also the parents. Because most parents still believe that they think they know everything. First of all, you can't know everything, it's paradoxical, and it's also impossible. And on top of that, you have no way of proving the knowledge and information that you have is adequate or even more important than someone else's knowledge and information. All you can say is "this is what I know", it might not be right, it might not be enough, it might not be important, and it might not be the same knowledge as yours. Communication should be based on the sharing of information, and not just based on your personal beliefs or your personal perception. This is why there has to be a balance between listening and speaking. And you really have to listen and not just be waiting to talk again, because that's not listening, your just thinking about what you're going to say next and not listening to what the other person is actually saying. This is why we need to teach effective communication in schools.

How would you be able to figure out what knowledge and information you're missing? How would you be able to define What knowledge and information is the most important?

Know it All - The dangers of thinking that you know it all. People who think they know everything are fools, because knowing everything is impossible. It all comes down to what you know, exactly. And that you have confirmed that what you know is correct and up to date

Know-it-all is a person who constantly presents their input as though they were professionally trained, schooled or have firsthand insight into subjects when it is evident this is not the case. A know-it-all will quickly reject opinions, suggestions, thoughts and commentary from others as incorrect, nonsensical and disruptive.

I know

"The world ain't what it seems....the moment you think you got it figured, your wrong." Youtube

My plate always full, and my plate is always getting bigger.

As I learn more, I learn that I can do more, so not only is my plate always full, my plate is always getting bigger. I'm not trying to do everything, I'm just trying to do everything that matters. The highest priority will always be about building a complete high quality education curriculum that everyone has access to. 2nd highest would be RT which is also part of another project called information stations. 3rd highest would be the hope pc. then all the other responsibilities fall behind those 3. one being continue to learn and research education improvement ideas, update the education database BK101, help manage other websites, learning new software and so on and so on.

Top of Page

May 3, 2013

Every problem this world has can be solved by improving education. But these improvements must be done on all levels. The curriculum must be expanded and all teaching methods must be utilized. And these improvements must be made by intelligent people who understand information and knowledge, and how information and knowledge works in the human brain, because these problems cannot be solved by the same people who created them. I always knew that there was something just not right with the world. For an intelligent species we have way too many problems. It took me almost 50 years to figure it out that all our problems are related to someone not having enough information and knowledge. Whether the lack of information and knowledge was at the personal level or at the state level, the results were always the same, premature deaths, destruction, crime, waste and abuse.

I didn't want a job that didn't make a difference, or a job that was just adding to our problems, our a job that was unsustainable, or unethical. I didn't want to conform to a system that was corrupt and abusive and be part of the problem, I wanted to be part of the solution. I didn't want a job just for the money, I wanted a job that was improving the world and solving our problems. I didn't want a job that would just keep me blind to the damage that I was doing to myself and the world around me. I didn't want a job just to make money just to pay my bills, bills for services that were just contributing to my wasteful and unsustainable lifestyle. There is just too little awareness and not enough accountability. I just didn't want to do things to make me feel good about myself or do nice things to look good or give the impression that what I was actually solving a problem, I wanted to do something that would make a difference, something that I can easily give to other people, something that anyone can do, something that anyone could repeat or copy. And that thing is education. So I decided to start working on improving education. The one thing I know that makes a difference. So I created an open website were anyone who is connected to the internet can see my research. And see how much information and knowledge that millions of people have contributed to. Yes it is far from finished, but at least I got started, which is the fist step to solving any problem.

Improving Education is the Elephant in the Room.

Most of the time my work and life is balanced but it is definitely not structured or managed perfectly. Asynchronous System. I do allow time to be spontaneous and random, this way I can follow information naturally where ever it takes me. But I am finding the need for more structure. I need to maximize my time and effort better so that I can avoid wasting valuable time, which is really easy to do, and not just from not doing enough, but from doing the wrong things too. I'm still managing and building one of the the worlds biggest websites for adventure travel and recreation, called Looking for (which is 15 years in the making, mostly working on it part time since 1998). And in 2008, working full time, I started building and managing a new website for knowledge and information, which is the website you're on, called Basic Knowledge, which has several purposes, with the two main purposes being..One: A knowledge and information database that will be used to build a complete high quality education that everyone can have access to. Two: A knowledge and information database that can be used to inform the public about important issues by placing public information stations that can be displayed in public spaces in towns and cities so that everyone can have access to the most important information and knowledge that is available. This information hub can also be accessed from anywhere in the world using a computer or smart phone that has an internet connection.

I'm always acquiring more information and knowledge that is relevant to the current subject matter. R&D is a continuous process for learning, which is essential to any project that needs to be aware of the current environment in order to survive. There's progress on many levels and on many subjects. Moving forward from many directions.

"The worlds accumulated knowledge and information can be used to solve almost every problem we have in our world, and we have only just begun."

For the first time millions of humans have access to incredible amounts of knowledge and information. More information and knowledge then any other time in our history. And this information and knowledge is being delivered so fast that we no longer have to wait for it. This speeds up our learning abilities tremendously. And in return our potential becomes limitless. But sadly we have not yet defined the entire process or all the programs, or have we ensured that everyone has access to the most important information and knowledge, and the worst of all, we have not yet defined a way to give people a clear understanding just how extremely important information and knowledge is. There is no picture, there is no diagram, there is no group of words that could simplify the meaning of information and knowledge as a whole, so there is no shortcut to understanding it. If you want to experience other people in other countries you have to physically travel there and be there. There is no shortcut for experience. So if you want to understand information and knowledge you have to be searching for it and you have to be learning what it is. It's not going to present itself and it's not going to happen over night. It can take an average person years to correctly formulate what information and knowledge means as a whole. You also have to learn how to filter out useless and irrelevant information so that you wont be distracted or misinformed. You also have to learn how to use the tools and techniques of acquiring the most important information and knowledge that you need, and, you also have to know the right time to acquire needed information and knowledge, because there is a process.

Process is a particular course of action intended to achieve a result.

As of lately BK101 is using most of my processing power, whether that's by choice or design, I'm not sure? I try to balance my time and priorities as best as I can, but I find myself making sacrifices everyday. But I'm not that worried because the sacrifices seem needed in order to keep the education project moving forward. Is the information pulling me forward or am I pushing it? Maybe it's symbiotic? If it is, then it's most likely one of the most important relationships that you will have in your life, the one between you and all that is known in the universe. The information is there, it's all about discovering it. And if you're not searching for answers then you will never find them. Just think about all the discoveries that we have had so far. Our searches have discovered so much in such a short time. Information is definitely speeding us up in a sense, but what I think is really happening is that we're finally catching up to our normal operating speed, wow!

So who's responsible for this, science? But science is not a person, so what's the persons name?

April 13th, 2014

"Not every word is mine, after all, no one really owns words. Words are borrowed and words are used. To accuse a person of complete ownership of words is to neglect every person that ever lived. Words are an accumulation of human history. I speak only what has been given to me. Passed down from the billions of people who have lived and died before I was even born. So in a way I speak for them, for those who no longer have a voice, for those who gave me my voice."

"We know we can make better choices, so it's time we start making better decisions. We cannot ignore the damage and neglect, we are infected, but luckily we have the cure in our hands, which is our knowledge. All humans are very capable of learning, so that makes every human very capable of solving problems and improving life. But humans can't learn these skills if they never have access to a high quality education that has the worlds most valuable knowledge and information, up to date. It's time to unleash the potential of every human on the planet."

Back to Square One, not to start over, just to mark another beginning.

100 man years is equal to 100 people working 40 hours a week for 1 year.

Man Hour is the amount of work performed by the average worker in one hour.

It bothers me that I spend most of my time correcting problems that I didn't create. And I'm not the only one who spends most of their time correcting problems that other people created. There are millions of people doing this. So I figured, since I'm going to spend most of my time solving problems, I should at least try to find out why these problems even exist. So I can work on the cure and not just the treatment. And what I have observed is that problems exist because too many people don't have enough knowledge and information that would make them aware enough so that they can see that they are creating problems. So people need access to the right knowledge and right information that would make them more informed about themselves and the world around them. And the best way to do this is by creating an extremely high quality education that would be available to every man, women and child on the planet. And we can easily do this by using computer software. The internet connects more then just computers, the internet connects minds. And when people finally do understand this ability, the saying "the word travels fast" will be an understatement."

"The world is moving so fast these days that the man who says it can't be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it."

The Word - Language Development

Deb Roy: The Birth of a Word (youtube) - The Birth of a Word: Deb Roy (video and interactive text)

Human Speechome Project is an effort to observe and computationally model the longitudinal language development of a single child at an unprecedented scale. To achieve this, we are recording, storing, visualizing, and analyzing communication and behavior patterns in over 200,000 hours of home video and speech recordings. The tools that are being developed for mining and learning from hundreds of terabytes of multimedia data offer the potential for breaking open new business opportunities for a broad range of industries from security to Internet commerce.

Languages - Machine Language of the Human Brain - Babies First Words - Words

New insights on infant word learning. Psychology researchers provide a fresh perspective on how infants connect names with objects, a critical skill for language development. Before they can speak, infants between the ages of 7 and 11 months begin to pair the words they hear with the everyday objects in their surroundings. To explain this phenomenon, the field of developmental psychology has focused on "naming moments," when the names and objects are presented to the infant at the same time. However, the names of objects are rarely spoken in tandem with the objects, and the brain's hippocampal memory system, which can form strong memories from singular events, may not be mature enough in infants for them to form durable memories of those rare direct co-occurrences between objects and names. Early language learning may be tied to memory representations that build up over time, rather than to repeated connections between words and objects. This broader view of object name learning ultimately aligns with a memory system operating in the brain's neocortex that is known to be functional in infancy and builds up memory representations over long stretches of time, Smith said. Well-established memories are re-activated by new information, the new information is rapidly integrated into the existing memory. A single instance of hearing the word "table," for example, will make sense when it is heard in the context of visual memories of a table. It's across these two "timescales of experience" -- and the workings of the neocortical memory system -- that the researchers assert infants make their first links between words and objects. "The idea is that over long periods of time, traces of memory for visual objects are being built up slowly in the neocortex," Clerkin said. "When a word is spoken at a specific moment and the memory trace is also reactivated close in time to the name, this mechanism allows the infants to make a connection rapidly."

Properties of 'baby talk' similar across many languages. A study by the University of York and Aarhus University has revealed that baby talk displays similar properties across 36 languages. 'Baby talk' or infant directed speech or IDS refers to the way caregivers talk to young infants, and generally includes a high-pitched, slow-paced, animated speech. This spontaneous, automatic and intuitive way of speaking has been studied for decades to understand why human beings communicate in this way with infants and what it might suggest about child development. The York and Aarhus team addressed the question of whether IDS had a universal quality -- does it, for example, have the same properties in English as it does in other languages? They also addressed whether this changes as the child's grasp on language and speech increases. Using a meta-analytic method, they examined all previous studies that investigated sound properties of IDS and asked what these revealed about its function in child language development. They found that certain features of IDS, such as pitch, melody, and articulation rates have the same properties across most of the world's languages. How much caregivers exaggerate the differences between vowel sounds, however, was markedly different across the languages.

Parents talk more to toddlers who talk back. Girls babble their way to bigger vocabularies sooner than boys, but it's not because parents talk to them more. These are just a few of the thousands of words scientists painstakingly decoded from over 2,100 hours of recorded conversations to determine if the amount of language kids hear explains why girls have bigger vocabularies early in life. It doesn't. Instead, the scientists found that caregivers just talk more to toddlers after they say their first word, which suggests that children actively influence their own language development.

Baby Ryan "Sings" Thunderstruck (youtube) - I recorded my son making baby noises, figured out the notes he made, and arranged them into "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC.

Enabling human-machine collaborations for listening, learning and engaging across communities

Word (by Definition)

Word is a single distinct meaningful element of speech or writing, used with others (or sometimes alone) to form a sentence and typically shown with a space on either side when written or printed. A unit of language that native speakers can identify. Choose and use particular words in order to say or write (something). A brief statement. A verbal command for action. Put into words or an expression. Information about recent and important events. An exchange of views on some topic. A promise. A word is a string of bits stored in computer memory. A secret word or phrase known only to a restricted group. The sacred writings of the Christian religions. The divine word of God; the second person in the Trinity.

Trinity is the cardinal number that is the sum of one and one and one  Three people considered as a unit.

Cardinal Number is the number of elements in a mathematical. set; denotes a quantity but not the order. Word as an exclamation, informal used to express agreement.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Words (reading)

War of Words is an argument in which people or groups criticize and disagree with each other publicly and repeatedly for usually a long time.

Word Up is a slang phrase used to say that you agree with a statement, or a term of mutual approval and agreement between associates.

Word is to speak out and to tell the truth and say something meaningful.

What is the one word that you can use to describe you? Adventure.

Just because its on TV does not make it relevant or make it important. Once we create education channels on TV that run 24 hours a day, Deb Roy can use the same tools used in the video above to analyze things that are important and relevant, like what people want to learn, and how they prefer to learn. Media Literacy.

"The Word Travels Fast"

"The Word" The Beatles (youtube)
Say the word and you'll be free
Say the word and be like me
Say the word I'm thinking of
Have you heard the word is love?
It's so fine, it's sunshine
It's the word, love
In the beginning I misunderstood
But now I've got it, the word is good
A Female Teacher sitting at her Desk Spread the word and you'll be free
Spread the word and be like me
Spread the work I'm thinking of
Have you heard the word is love?
It's so fine, it's sunshine
It's the word, love
Everywhere I go I hear it said
In the good and bad books that I have read
Say the word and you'll be free
Say the word and be like me
Say the word I'm thinking of
Have you heard the word is love?
It's so fine, it's sunshine
It's the word, love
Now that I know what I feel must be right
I'm here to show everybody the light
Give the word a chance to say
That the word is just the way
It's the word I'm thinking of
And the only word is love
It's so fine, it's sunshine
It's the word, love
Say the word, love
Say the word, love
Say the word, love
Say the word, love

"I know you can't keep up with all the updates, or decipher them correctly or accurately. I will explain everything soon enough, in the mean time, keep reading."

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