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This website was last updated in July 2024. BK101 gets updated and edited over 10,000 times a year. So there's always new improvements, new edits and new information that will enhance your learning experience. Though this website is not the finished product and is far from being finished, you can still learn a great deal about yourself and the world around you, as well as, get a head start in developing your intelligence.

BK101 pages are free for downloading for personal use, teachers and nonprofit schools only. (Fair Use)

BK101 will be used for a custom Large Language Model that will be part of an education software curriculum, which will include an A.I. Avatar that will act as a tutor, guide and a personal education management system

About Downloading Pages: All major browsers have the feature to save complete webpages for offline browsing. You can use your browser features that allow you to download entire pages for offline viewing and for reading without the need for an internet connection. For PDF files that are downloaded you will need either adobe software or a browser to view them. The entire BK101 website is a little over one gigabyte. And when you download all the pages on your smartphone or your computer, all the internal links in the website will work without an internet connection.

The easiest way to save a website page to your computer for offline viewing is to use your internet browser.

Firefox Browser:
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Click on the Menu button at the top right of Browser.
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Click Save.
You can also use Save to Pocket extension, which is available on the top of browser.

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Reading List feature.
Open Preferences, go to the Advanced tab,
turn on the Save Articles for Offline Reading.
Automatically feature to make sure all articles in the Reading List are available for offline use.

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You can share BK101 files with other people, but you may not sell the files or content as if it were your own, unless you improved the information in someway and made it better than the original, and that you have also received permission to use any images that are not fair use.

Instructions for Downloading Files and Folders

Depending on your internet connection download speeds, you may find it easier to download some folders one at a time. You can then view all the files offline without needing an internet connection, but you will not have access to the links that are located on the internet. If you are downloading pages for offline viewing, all HTML files and folders must be downloaded to your computer in order for the website to function properly in a web browser.

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